Ziggymoto, the motorcycle that transforms into another at the touch of a button

The world of two wheels is full of genius, but sometimes there is someone who goes one step further, turning good into excellent. This is the case of Ziggymoto and his transformable virtual conceptwhich is the same, like being able to enjoy different types of motorcycle without having to change anything at all.

Magic?… No, rather the use of the most advanced technology together with different pneumatic and electronic systems and even the use of AI at the service of the user. In this way, in a matter of seconds, we could go from being on a custom to riding a sports bike or an Offroad model.

Geometries as the central pillar of Ziggymoto's virtual concept

Ziggymoto self-determines itself as “The imaginary motorcycle company”. And perhaps by using that same thing, imagination, he has managed to reach surprising conclusions that could revolutionize the sector.

Although at first it seems that we are looking at a science fiction motorcycle, the transformable virtual concept of Ziggymoto could become a reality in just a few years. Among other things because its creator has focused on a basic aspect to make his idea viable: A modular geometry.

To do this, it uses a fully adjustable suspension system, swingarm and other essential elements responsible for shaping the geometries of a motorcycle. In essence, the set of these components are what can modulate the forms of the different models that the same platform could become.

We have seen this type of ideas before in other virtual concepts, such as the one presented by the Indian designer. Aaryaman Mistry, in its BMW Motorrad x Nvidia concept. However, the latter, in addition to making use of electronic elements that regulated the cycle part based on the desired ergonomics, also offered the possibility of exchanging accessories to achieve the final shape.

Ziggymoto is coming to revolutionize the world of 2 wheels with its transformable virtual concept

In the case of Ziggymoto We do not need to remove or add anything. With just the push of a button we could go from one motorcycle to a completely different one. Fork, swingarm, handlebar, rear shock absorber or footpegs move up, down, forward or backward, until reaching the exact height required for each type of motorcycle.

But this is not all, since other elements such as the rear fender would be retractable. Likewise, the headlight could slide up or down independently. Perhaps the point of science fiction is provided by the tires, capable of mutating in each transformation thanks to retractable studs adaptable to each configuration.

Ziggymoto is coming to revolutionize the world of 2 wheels with its transformable virtual concept

It is clear that the idea of Ziggymoto It would be in an experimental phase and we do not know to what extent it would be viable in today's world. This British artist has shown different models based on this same idea and, to tell the truth, each one is more interesting, since it offers us infinite configuration possibilities, including mechanical ones.

So we strongly recommend that you visit his Instagram page and draw your own conclusions about him. transformable virtual concept that it proposes to us and the different possibilities that it offers us.

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