CFMoto reveals the 500SR VOOM, a 4-cylinder, 80 HP neoretro that will break necks

A new edition of the Beijing Motorcycle Show starts tomorrow, and with it will come news of the caliber of this CFMoto 500SR VOOMof which we can offer you some initial details thanks to the promotional video that the brand itself has posted on its main official website.

On the other hand, the colleagues at Supermoto8 have been among the first to echo the news and apparently they are aware of really interesting aspects about this 500SR VOOM. The main one refers to its mechanics, pointing out that it will be composed of its high-performance four-cylinder engine.

CFMoto 500SR VOOM: Explosive combination

Everything indicates that the new engine that will equip this 500SR VOOM It will offer a level of power capable of giving it top-level performance. This means that it targets the current reference models of the category, whether they are called Kawasaki ZX-4R, Aprilia RS660 or Yamaha R7, among others.

To be able to compete with frames of this caliber, pure performance is needed, which is why the new 500SR VOOM could enjoy a range of power around 80 hpcapable of catapulting it to the 230km/h. If we add to all this a neo-retro aesthetic very reminiscent of 90s sports frames, we are convinced that the final cocktail will be truly suggestive.

Speaking of image; We are looking at a motorcycle that mixes aesthetic reminiscences of frames as legendary as the Honda CBR400/900 and even the FZR600 first generation. On the other hand, we have the cafe racer touch that gives it equipment details such as mounting classic-style rearview mirrors at the ends of the handlebars.

Other important points shown by the new 500SR VOOM They refer to their complete and stranded equipment. At least the one shown in this first video of the model, where we can see an instrument panel made up of a full-color TFT screen, double side exhaust outlet at the top or Full-LED lighting.

500SR VOOM: CFMoto's new sports four-cylinder that is about to be sweet

It remains to be seen how much of all this prevails in the final version that will be presented in just a few hours in the aforementioned Beijing Motorcycle Show 2024. In any case, seeing the latest frames presented by CFMoto, we are almost sure that this 500SR VOOM will not disappoint the audience at its imminent official presentation.

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