2 Wheels Colombia Fair: the party continues

Without a doubt, the latest edition of the 2 Ruedas Fair, now the number 1 fair in all of South America, has probably been the most complete. Not only because of the level of exhibition present in it, but also because of the nearly 90,000 participants in a meeting that has become a religion for a population, the Antioquian, who dreams and lives the motorcycle with an unusual intensity.

And the motorcycle is so deeply rooted in the Latin country, not only for its recreational aspect, but rather for its very clear social function by serving as a means of transportation and life for hundreds of thousands of people, that any event of the two wheels is a reason for party and celebration for the city.

At SoyMotero.net we had the opportunity to learn about the phenomenon of the Medellín 2 Wheels Fair back in 2019. Five editions later, we have once again witnessed, with even more amazement, the greatness of an event that brings together the best of Colombia's two-wheeled industry. A very thriving sector with no less than 8 assembly plants spread throughout the Andean country, and which produce no less than 93% of the motorcycles sold in the country; but also from all of Latin America.

Likewise, the 2 Wheels Fair stands out for welcoming with open arms visitors from dozens of neighboring countries and others from further afield (Asians do not miss the event, not in vain do they have their own pavilion): in total 28 countries represented by focusing on a fair that has earned a space on the international calendar.

The 2 Wheels Fair 2024 in figures

The 2024 edition of the 2 Ruedas Fair has very interesting figures: 88,600 visitors, 3,500 accredited companies, 450 exhibitors, an estimated 20 million dollars in turnover, in addition to an exhibition space of more than 45,000 square meters, in which this Two new pavilions have been added this year due to the need for more space.

Among the big brands present due to their prominence in the local market, the Indian brands TVS, Hero, Royal Enfield and Bajaj, in addition to the market-leading indigenous brand AKT or its sister Victory, along with a plethora of Japanese and European brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM, Husqvarna, Gas Gas, Triumph, Ducati… Without forgetting the Chinese Benelli, Zontes, Voge, etc.

It is true that at the level of presentations, although more than twenty vehicle launches from different brands were made, many of these models will never reach Europe. The characteristics of the Latin American two-wheeled market are far from resembling the European market, since the best-selling vehicles continue to be small displacement and low in technology (up to 185 cc), something that has been changing little by little in recent years, although it is still at a very slow pace.

2 Wheels Fair Colombia 2024

By 2025, Colombian legislation will make it mandatory to use braking systems such as CBS and ABS in all new motorcycles sold, something that should result in a reduction in traffic accidents and deaths. These have exceeded 5,000 deaths in 2023, a figure that has not stopped growing in recent years.

The most frequent reasons for these deaths are excessive speed, failure to wear a helmet, etc. Something that has the Colombian authorities very concerned, since 7 out of 10 of the accidents that occurred in 2023 in the country involved involved a motorcycle.

In the search for solutions to this problem, one of the many interesting talks that took place during the 5 days of the Medellín 2 Wheels Fair was held.

2 Wheels Fair Colombia 2024

In the conservatory “Road safety of motorcyclists in Colombia and LATAMRepresentatives of the motorcycle industry from both the host country and Argentina and Mexico were present. The event also served to announce the creation of a Latin American Alliance for the motorcycle sector, a union that strengthens relations between the countries of Central and South America in favor of motorcycles, very positive news that gives dimension to the great phenomenon. of two wheels in those countries.

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