All the details about its 8th edition

The Crom Ride 2024 begins to warm up for the eighth edition of this popular tourist motorcycle outing. Whether you are on long trips or weekend getaways, if your world is the motorcycle and you are passionate about the freedom of driving, touring and enjoying the surroundings, you cannot miss the Crom Ride 2024.

Crom Ride has become, after eight years, not only a consolidated event, but a community of friends who meet to share a common passion. Year after year, when we think that there are not many more corners left to discover, Girona surprises us with new roads and forgotten or unknown landscapes that make their way to the wheels of the participants.

It is not a challenge, it is enjoying a tour where all types of bikers and motorcycles feel comfortable. Curves and more curves, wide or twisty, everything is chosen to offer the rider the ability to enjoy their motorcycle to the fullest, from the cliffs of the Costa Brava, passing through the fields dotted with farmhouses in the Empordà or the mountain passes and valleys of the Pyrenees. .

Crom Ride 2024 will take us to discover unique corners

The afternoon before the route, a very busy Village awaits participants with a bar service, set up in the space offered by Fontajau, where they can discover the exhibition of brands, equipment, accessories and experiences around motorcycles, adventure and touring. . A unique opportunity to enjoy a very varied product display.

Within what it offers Village Crom Ridewe can find tire change at special prices from Metzeler, or talks and advice from the creators of VectorNotehow to use and interpret the traditional Road Book or in digital format.

Also from Atlantis Moto, how to use the App to navigate with the next day's route tracks from your own mobile phone. Likewise, rental of safety airbags will be available thanks to Tecnimoto, Dainese dealer in the area. Brands and manufacturers also have a space to show their models.

Crom Ride 2024: All the details about its 8th edition

There will also be brake advice from Galfer, Motorex service with its specific motorcycle care products and new luggage from Shad. Wünderlich, Motocard, Poiexxis, HJC will also be present to contribute their products to the rider's equipment.

The Catalan Traffic Service, in collaboration with ANESDOR, will not be missing from the event, with its essential monitored Safety and Driving Training 3.0 courses. For many participants, the Village on Friday is the preamble to the night, which has become an unmissable date to meet up and dine with friends in the heart of Girona's Barri Vell, party and relax and unwind in the immortal city to start the march on Saturday morning in top form.

Crom Ride 2024: All the details about its 8th edition

Saturday June 29, on the route through Girona

Let us remember that the Crom Ride 2024 Girona is not competitive, and the organization always calls for judgment. It's almost twelve hours by motorcycle, with its corresponding stops. The Crom Ride is not long at all, the design of the different stages, in collaboration with the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees Tourist Board, are designed to be enjoyed until the last kilometer.

The route is secret until the week of departure, but it is certain that the “trackers” of the Crom Ride 2024 will surprise the participants with an unprecedented and spectacular route. Yes, we know that the itinerary has 6 checkpoints, located in iconic and special places, where they must stamp a pass card that certifies having passed through there to complete the tour.

Crom Ride 2024: All the details about its 8th edition

But unlike most, in this test it is not necessary to follow the entire itinerary. This is suggested with a route in gpx or Road Book format, and each participant can freely choose whether they decide to follow it in its entirety, or take shortcuts and go directly from one checkpoint to another to make better use of the breaks.

Also in this edition, the Crom Ride 2024 appears on the calendar of the second edition of the Catalan Motorcycle Tourism Trophy organized by the Catalan Motorcycle Federation. Along the way, there will be the mobile Shoei service for cleaning and caring for helmets and screens, and the organization will make photos of them in sections of the route available to participants.

Crom Ride 2024: All the details about its 8th edition

Upon return, reunion with colleagues and collection of the finisher's gift to all those who have completed the route and have the corresponding checkpoint stamps on their card.

The Registrations are now open until June 2with a price of 65 euros per pilot and 35 euros per companion. More information on the official website of the event.

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