This MP3 with 34,000 km and 15 years costs 1,400 euros, but they paid 25,500 for it. The reason, amazing

This is no ordinary scooter. In fact, We already warned you a short time ago that him Piaggio MP3which almost cost the former French president his head François Hollande, was going to go up for auction for the second time. Yes, it is the Italian model that was at the center of the former French president's love scandal a decade ago.

At that time, the president was photographed by the press while frequently visiting the actress Julie Gayet, carrying a croissant under his arm. This Piaggio served as clandestine romantic transportation for François Hollandethen partner Valérie Trierweiler, but in love with Julie Gayet. Despite his attempts to remain anonymous, the story made headlines in France and abroad.

25,000 euros for an MP3 that costs just over 1,000 euros

But the scooter was not owned by Hollande, but of the State. The vehicle was first auctioned in December 2015 and purchased by a couple from Vendôme. Now, six years later, they decided to sell the vehicle with its interesting history and entrusted its auction to the Rouillac house, during the Garden Party sale at the Château d'Artigny, in Indre-et-Loire.

Of course, interest in this vehicle, which has traveled 34,000 kilometers, remains high. Originally estimated at 10,000 euros, the Piaggio MP3 125 It was finally sold for 20,500 euros, reaching 25,420 euros with auction costs. As a curiosity, due to their age (2009) and mileage (34,000 kilometers), they were worth, according to the second-hand market, 1,338 euros.

Piaggio MP3 François Hollande

The winner of the auction was Denis Bregeretfounder of the museum «Prestige et Collection» in Jallais, Maine-et-Loire. Now, the former presidential scooter will be part of his collection and, possibly, in a rather prominent place. It is not for less.

Piaggio MP3 François Hollande

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