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First of all, let's do a little history about the Asian motorcycle equipment firm. LS2. The brand LS2 was established in 2007 with the clear ambition of becoming a global benchmark in the two-wheeled sector. Its rise in the market has clearly been favored by the vast experience of more than three decades of its parent company, MHR. Synergy that has driven the development of the firm LS2 at an impressive pace, there is no doubt about that.

Thus, LS2 is dedicated to meeting all the needs of motorcycle enthusiasts, offering a wide range of products including helmets, jackets, gloves, pants and boots, among others. At the moment, LS2 It has a presence in more than 125 countries, being one of the first players in the market in many of them. This global expansion reflects not only its rapid growth, but also the trust that many motorcyclists around the world have placed in this reliable Asian brand.

In addition to its strong range of products, LS2 stands out for its commitment to innovation and quality, continually striving to improve the safety and comfort of its customers. Its dedication to excellence and rider satisfaction, as we mentioned before, has consolidated its reputation as one of the most dynamic and fastest growing brands in the sector. With each new product, LS2 reaffirms its commitment to offering the best, staying at the forefront of trends and technologies in the sector.

Thus, to test first-hand the excellence of the new range of products for this season, the brand sent us complete equipment for motorcyclists. Kit consisting of a Vector II Carbon Flux Gloss helmet with red and exposed carbon details, a Gate technical jacket, black Feng gloves with red details and, last but not least, solid Goby touring boots.

As we can see, the brand went all out, giving us top quality material at a relatively low price. In fact, in terms of quality-price ratio, the first impression is very satisfactory.

The packaging, boxes, blister, instructions, and presentation of all products is, with total security, equal to that of the most premium brands in the industry. Even with a more modern touch of design. LS2 He is working with great meticulousness, everything related to the quality and visual impact of his entire portfolio. They know very well what they do

LS2 motorcycle equipment

LS2 Vector II Carbon

First on our list is the carbon full face helmet LS2 Vector Carbon II in Flux Gloss finish. That is, it includes attractive and sporty red lines flowing smoothly through the shell, from almost the chin to the nape of the neck. By the way, the background, as it could not be otherwise, is an impressive visible carbon.

In general, it is a helmet full of style, discreet, but at the same time, highly sporty and emotional. Without a doubt, it is a helmet that you like. It is a sharp, sporty helmet with a modern design to enjoy both on the road and in the city. Its carbon fiber provides extraordinary lightness and resistance, which allows it to dissipate impact energy along the shell and, thus, protect the head.

In addition, it has a wide anti-scratch visor. Of course, prepared for the Pinlock Max Vision anti-fog system, which, by the way, is included in the box. Finally, it equips an interior solar visor for greater comfort and safety.

In the safety section, the Vector II Carbon stands out for its emergency release system, the micrometric metal buckle, the multi-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) and the reinforced chin strap.

For proper ventilation, as we could see on the road, the new LS2 It includes ventilation inlets on the chin and upper section and effective Exhaust VentsExhaust Vents on the back. A breath deflector and the Pinlock ensure perfect visibility in any situation. This attractive carbon helmet is comfortable, light and quiet. It is a perfect choice for a daily use helmet with a discreet sporty touch. It is not too striking, but it does attract attention due to its visual impact.

LS2 equipment

In motion, the aerodynamic effort on the part of the brand is noticeable. The helmet is light, very comfortable and contains air turbulence well. This means that the neck puts less effort into keeping the head straight at high speeds or during sudden braking. Noise and ride comfort are very good, although the 'ears' of the helmet seem to be a slight source of noise. It can be used at cruising speeds for a long time without feeling groggy. Let's keep in mind that this is a touring helmet.

By the way, the interior is so comfortable because of the silver X-Static fabric lining, it is also prepared for an LS2 Intercom (Cardo Bluetooth) and of course the entire interior is removable and washable, fully breathable and hypoallergenic. And, all at a knockdown price. Just 379 euros for an entry-level helmet to the firm's high-end range and entirely made of carbon fiber. A real waste of quality and good taste.

LS2 equipment

LS2 Gate Jacket

The next product that we were able to try in person was a comfortable Gate jacket, in gray and black. It is a winter, autumn and spring jacket, due to its technical characteristics. It is a waterproof technical jacket with a non-removable waterproof and breathable membrane lining (5,000 mm), with a removable thermal layer and suitable for cold and warm climates, also thanks to its double front zipper and zippers on the back and sleeves.

Of course, for a better fit and comfort, the arms, waist and neck, which features a comfortable snap closure, are all adjustable. As a detail, it includes interior pockets for a mobile phone and has removable protectors on the elbows and shoulders. It is a comfortable jacket, which covers just what is necessary and has the appropriate safety elements.

As for materials, it is made entirely of 600D 92T, elastic and tear-resistant polyester fabric (polyester). It includes a comfortable zipper to attach to pants, two side pockets, 3 interior pockets (one for your cell phone, as we mentioned before) and, to maximize safety and be seen at night, it includes reflective stripes. As for the retail price, the brand has set them at just 189 euros.

LS2 equipment

LS2 Feng Gloves

The top of the range of the glove family was chosen for the test, we are talking about the gloves LS2 Feng. Some sports gloves for autumn, spring and summer.

The Feng are safe and super-resistant sports gloves, thanks to the carbon protection on the knuckles, fingers and palm of the hand. They include good leather reinforcements on the side, palm of the hand and double velcro adjustments. As a practical detail, its fabric is compatible with touch screens.

Without a doubt, a comfortable, top quality glove with an enviable touch. You can see the noblest materials that have been necessary for its production. Regarding the price, LS2 has set them in 120 euros. A fair price considering everything they offer.

LS2 equipment

LS2 Goby Boots

Finally, LS2 He sent us his top-of-the-range touring boots, the Goby. Waterproof boots, perfect for cold and rainy days.

These are very comfortable boots thanks to their elastic bands on the ankles and safe, thanks to the reinforcements on the ankle, heel and toe. High-top, during the days that we have been able to use them we have not had any pain or pressure, and the feel with the pedals is perfect for continued use. Of course, sportsmanship is not one of its strong points. They appear more confident and discreet, rather than sporty and flashy. Good boots for comfortable and, above all, safe travel. Its recommended price is 159 euros.

LS2 equipment

After a few days of testing the material, the conclusion has been quite satisfactory. The helmet is what caught our attention the most. Its design, finishes and technology, without a doubt, are enormous for the final price of the product. Without a doubt, a helmet to take into account when purchasing a helmet for everyday use or traveling. The jacket fits very well, it is comfortable, it is not too heavy, it has countless pockets and, above all, although it is striking, it is not too flashy.

The gloves, above all, what we liked the most are the protection and touch they offer. They protect, they are sporty and they have leather and carbon protections, what more could you ask for. The technical boots have proven to be very comfortable, warm and non-slip. Boots for traveling long distances without hurting your feet. In conclusion, if you were looking for top quality motorcycle equipment at a fair price, open your eyes wide, LS2 It has many products of interest to you.

LS2 equipment

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