Triumph Trident 660 Triple Tribute Special Edition: TT pride

Although the Triumph of today has nothing to do with the Triumph of the '70s, the truth is that without one the other would not exist. The history of the British brand goes a long way, and its influence in the sector has always been important. So much so that there was a time when they were the enemy to fear in the Isle of Man TT.

We move to the 70s. There, there was a Triumph Trident that caused fear among the rest of its rivals: the Slippery Sam. A machine that competed in the production motorcycle category, and that managed to win the TT five consecutive times between 1971 and 1975.

Now, almost 50 years after his last victory, Triumph rescues the spirit of Slippery Sam in an impressive Triumph Trident 660 Triple Tribute Special Edition, which is a nod to that unbeatable machine.

The base of the motorcycle is the same as that of the Triumph Trident 660, with its 81 HP three-cylinder engine that can be limited for the A2, its 64 Nm of torque and a chassis that allows you to enjoy driving with a sporty touch. but without giving up either comfort or manageability.

Logically, this Triumph Trident 660 Triple Tribute Special Edition also has full-LED lighting, electronic accelerator, driving modes, ABS, disconnectable traction control, TFT screen and other elements that come standard.

The Triumph Trident 660 Triple Tribute Special Edition captures the essence of the motorcycle that dominated the first five years of the 70s in the TT

But there are interesting differences in this Triumph Trident 660 Triple Tribute Special Edition, such as the Triumph Shift-Assist that is included as standard to make gear changes easier and, of course, a stunning aesthetic.

The aesthetics fit perfectly with the lines of the Trident 660

Inspired by that mythical Slippery Sam, the 660 Triple Tribute, its decoration highlights white, blue and red as well as the number 67 on a red plate, culminating in the matching dome and keel.

The new Triumph Trident 660 Triple Tribute Special Edition will be available from April at the firm's official dealers for €8,595, with a 4-year factory warranty and maintenance intervals of 16,000 kilometers or 12 months.

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