TTR once again leaves us amazed with the Monkey Bol d'Or, a scale replica full of details

Honda Monkey preparations are in fashion, and especially those that offer us a retro look, as is the case with these Monkey Bol d'Or work of the Japanese specialist TTR Motors. True miniature “cuties” that, perfectly capturing the essence of the 80s Japanese superbike, delight us with a truly striking aesthetic.

In fact, it is not the first time that we show you work from this Japanese company. As with these Monkey Bol d'Or, the guys from TTR Motors have given us the long teeth with other works of the style carried out on the Honda citizen mount. For example, these Honda Grom CB1100R or Grom Paris Dakar.

Monkey Bol d'Or: personality and style on all four sides

In them, as in the Monkey Bol d'Orspecific body kits are used to give them that look in the form of a miniature replica. Now they return to the fray with our protagonists of today, recently presented in the past Tokyo Motorcycle Showheld last March.

The kit, called Fmon, is based on the Honda CB750F which was marketed in the 80s in Japan and which arrived to the rest of the world in the form of the Honda CB900F Bol d'Or. Like these, the Monkey Bol d'Or They exude personality and style on all four sides, thanks to the main piece of this customization, responsible for emulating the lines of the original model.

Monkey Bol d'Or, the latest wonderful customization of the iconic Honda mount

It consists of a plastic monocoque responsible for performing the functions of tank and rear. In addition, all the lighting equipment is included with shapes similar to those carried by the Bol d'Or in the eighties. This translates into a taillight and a set of rectangular-shaped turn signals.

On the other hand, we have a false fuel tank cover that is easily removed to access the original Monkey filler cap. Two fenders, a custom-made seat and a pair of shock absorbers with a retro image are the icing on the cake of this beautiful customization kit. Monkey Bol d'Or.

Monkey Bol d'Or, the latest wonderful customization of the iconic Honda mount

TTR Motors offers us two ways to get this kit. Either unpainted, for around 1,000 euros in exchange, or perfectly finished with Bol d'Or colors for 270,000 yen, 1,600 euros in exchange approximately.

In any case, a very special way to give an exclusive touch to our Monkey, right?

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