A comprehensive protection kit

suzukiin order to make the purchase of the new V-STROM 800 TECH even more attractive, presents a promotion that includes, at no cost, a comprehensive protection kit for the driver's grips, the motorcycle chassis and the engine.

Valued at 960 eurosthis comprehensive protection kit It makes the versatile Japanese adventure even more adventurous, safe and comfortable. In this way, and until next September 30those who purchase this new medium displacement trail sport tourism will be able to take this succulent gift completely free.

The comprehensive protection kit for the Suzuki V-STROM 800 TECH consists of:

  • Fist protector to prevent hands from suffering from inclement weather or from being hit by gravel, branches or any other element when traveling on roads or paths.
  • Side bars that prevent the body and chassis from being damaged in the event of a fall and give the V-STROM, in turn, a unique touring style.
  • Engine protective bars so that the mechanics are safe from any mishap.

The purchase of a V-STROM 800 TECH now has a reward: A comprehensive protection kit

Let us remember that the new Suzuki V-STROM 800 TECH is positioned as the most asphalt option of its well-known trail model. A much more touring medium displacement trail, which represents a new evolution aimed at providing greater doses of comfort and freedom.

And all, without losing an ounce of fun, whatever type of road you want to travel on. This promotion is compatible with other offers and discounts that customers can find when they go to any official brand dealer. More information and details on the official Suzuki website.

The purchase of a V-STROM 800 TECH now has a reward: A comprehensive protection kit

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