More efficient, technological, and cheaper!

Nerva update your Exe 2024 in this second quarter of the year. Coinciding with the second anniversary of its birth and the presentation of its maxi electric scooter, the firm also announces a price drop for the evolved version of this model, which can now be purchased for an initial price of 5,990 euros.

Two years have been enough for Nerva to have established itself in the electric mobility segment in Spain, making the leap to Europe and always keeping in mind the importance of continuing to develop its catalog.

Not only through new models, such as the Exe II, the Lift and the Cargopresented at EICMA, but also evolving and updating its first maxi electric scooter, the Exe.

Nerva Exe 2024: Improving what is present

One of the aspects in which the most work has been done when it comes to evolving in the Exe 2024 It's your rear suspension. Rear shock absorbers with updated spring and compression force have been incorporated for greater comfort.

Nerva Exe 2024: More efficient, technological, and cheaper!

In addition, the brakes have been improved, with synthesized pads, which reduce noise and increase braking power, offering a more bitey sensation. He Nerva Exe 2024 includes BYD's BMS (battery management system), which guarantees greater reliability, a more precise calculation of the charge and an improvement in power delivery, being able to maintain peak power for longer.

In turn, a charging chip has been included in the new units, thanks to which it is not necessary to use the adapter for public charging stations that was distributed to users of the units prior to these improvements. Now they can charge their vehicles at any time of the day and anywhere.

Nerva Exe 2024: More efficient, technological, and cheaper!

Last but not least, different finishing details have been reviewed, among which it is worth mentioning the new pineapple button panels or the incorporation of a USB charging port on the left side of the dashboard to plug in your cell phone or any other device. electronic.

Nerva announces an official price of 5,990 euros for your Exe 2024being able to take advantage of the MOVES III plan, which reduces the cost to 1,300 euros with scrapping, for the acquisition of the cycle part, and renting its batteries for 39.90 euros per month for 5 years (after which, they are replaced by new ones if the renting of the same is renewed ). More information on the official Nerva website.

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