The new bobber variant of the current Royal Enfield Classic 350 is on the way and it will look like this

The Indian media Gaadi Waadi has echoed, just a few hours ago, an image leaked from the patent registry, of what we sense would be the next bobber variant of the current Royal Enfield Classic 350. A mount that would include a series of aesthetic and ergonomic modifications with which to offer an extra personality compared to the standard version.

It is not the first time that there have been rumors about the arrival of a bobber variant developed on the basis of the Classic 350. Just a year ago we showed you images of a test mule that had every chance of becoming this variant. Equipped with whitewall tires, a single-seat seat and a prominent rear fender, everything pointed in this same direction.

What can we expect about the next bobber variant of the current Classic 350

The Indo-British brand does not stop for a second in its efforts to become a commercial benchmark, within the low and medium displacement categories, in much of the world. Especially in the Asian area, where its presence in some markets is synonymous with hundreds of thousands of units sold each year.

This is why Royal Enfield is focused on diversifying its model range, offering different versions for the same platform. This bobber variant It is a good example of this strategic and commercial policy. Let's remember that in addition to the Classic 350, the brand also has the Super Meteor 350.

For this bobber variant, Royal focuses on various aesthetic details, but also on other aspects related to equipment and ergonomics. Going by the image we currently have, we see the inclusion of a two-seater seat that is “open” in the passenger area.

The new bobber variant of the current Royal Enfield Classic 350 is on the way

Two side handles are anchored to this, something unusual, on the other hand, in a bobber variant of this type. Other notable details, such as the adoption of a large rear fender, relocated two-piece handlebars, radial-type tires or footpegs in a forward position, are also part of this version.

The tires with white tread remain, and it is expected that in its final version the part of the seat intended for the passenger will end up being removable. On the other hand, in terms of technology and equipment, this bobber variant It would have, like its range sisters, with:

  • LED lighting
  • Bosch dual channel ABS
  • USB power socket
  • Mixed analog-LCD instrumentation with double display
  • Smartphone connectivity for navigation

The new bobber variant of the current Royal Enfield Classic 350 is on the way

The mechanics would be made up of the well-known 349 cc single-cylinder engine, cooled by air-oil that declares 20.2 HP of power at 6,100 rpm and 27 Nm of maximum torque at 4,000 revolutionsall of this transmitted to the rear wheel through a 5-speed gearbox (tip-heel shift lever) and electronic injection signed by Continental.

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