Without a helmet, looking at his cell phone and with a girl piloting the rental scooter on which they were both riding!

We don't know what must be going through some people's minds for these types of surreal situations to occur, where a guy is on board a rental scooterwith a very young girl at the controls, both without helmets and the first one keeping an eye on his mobile phone… What country do we live in?

This is what all those, with half a brain, who came across the Dantesque situation on the streets of Barcelona must have asked themselves. The Urban Guard has been in charge of arresting this man (so to speak) and taking him directly before the judge.

A rental scooter, a daredevil and a girl with great skill

What has become clear to us in this sad story is fundamentally how reckless one must be to go on a rental scooter, or any other type of vehicle, and let a girl be in charge of piloting it. But the subject's audacity does not stop there, since in addition to both of them without helmets, with the danger that this entails, the colleague was keeping an eye on his mobile phone.

As we have learned from La Vanguardia, the police have shared the video on their social networks, which, after being viewed by the followers of the computer media, we assume that they will have raised a cry when witnessing a situation as unfortunate as it is reckless. part of its protagonists on the back of a rental scooter.

The images recorded last Wednesday in the Joan Güell streetin the district of Les Corts, were sent to the Urban Police Accident Investigation and Prevention Unit. According to the regulations themselves: “It is prohibited to circulate with minors under twelve years of age as passengers on mopeds or motorcycles, with or without sidecar, on any type of road.”

Keep going: “Exceptionally, this circulation is allowed from the age of seven, as long as the drivers are the father, mother, guardian or a person of legal age authorized by them, they use an approved helmet and the specific safety conditions established by regulation are met. .”

Daredevil in sight: Without a helmet, looking at his cell phone and with a girl piloting the scooter on which they were both riding!

Finally: “On mopeds and motorcycles, in addition to the driver and, where applicable, the occupant of their sidecar, a passenger who is over 12 years of age may travel, as long as it is stated on their license or circulation permit. In no case may the passenger be placed in an intermediate place between the person driving and the steering handlebar of the moped or motorcycle.”

As we see the detainee who was circulating in this rental scooter The city of Barcelona did not comply with any of the regulations established in this regulation, so we assume that he will be punished for different crimes, applying several fines of different amounts and probably the withdrawal of his driving license… If he has one. Seeing is believing.

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