“Weedoo Scrambler”, LDK's latest project that will go around the world

The new project from the friends of LDK is this Harley Sportster “Weedoo Scrambler”, a customization that will literally go around the world. The story that surrounds the entire process began a few months ago, when Fran Manen received a call from a client in Germany. He wanted to visit him at his facilities in Malaga to order a customized motorcycle, scrambler type and based on a Harley-Davidson Sportster.

Andy, which is the name of the German client and current owner of the “Weedoo Scrambler”, He showed up at the LDK workshop accompanied by his partner aboard an immense “Survivor Truck” (a 4×4 Mercedes truck), which they had just acquired with the aim of starting to go around the world, traveling around the globe.

Harley Sportster “Weedoo Scrambler”: The motorcycle chosen for this adventure

The idea was to build a scrambler motorcycle that could go on the rear platform of the truck, and that its owner would use every time he had to travel upon arrival at each of the places they planned to visit. This way they would not have to travel in the huge truck when visiting cities, for example.

Furthermore, this Harley Sportster “Weedoo Scrambler” It had to be a two-seater, so Fran and his team had to create its first Sportster Scrambler with double seats. To do this, he disassembled and subsequently modified the entire rear of the motorcycle, creating from scratch a new scrambler-type subframe with seat bases, fenders, etc.

“Weedoo Scrambler”, LDK's latest project that will go around the world

The tank used was that of a Sportster Custom, which has more capacity than the typical Penaut gasoline tanks. The rest of the components of this “Weedoo Scrambler”are the ones that the brand usually uses in other Harley scrambler models that they have built to date, such as the license plate holder, the side number holders, handlebars, engine guard, etc.

The paint colors are military green/olive combined with beige/cream and red details. The number 69 represents the year of birth of the owners of the motorcycle. And finally the name: Weedoo means something like “we did it” but written as if we were shouting it, exclaiming.

“Weedoo Scrambler”, LDK's latest project that will go around the world

You can see this motorcycle anywhere in the world, in any city on any continent or on any road. Its owners have already begun a trip around the world and after warming up throughout Europe, the next destination is North and South America, and then return to the African continent and from there reach the East…


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