When the acronym XSR900 takes on another dimension

Taking a look at the Bike Bound website from time to time becomes quite an experience if when doing so, you find a preparation like this Yamaha “X-FZ900” from the South Korean coach Crazy Garage. A project that captures the spirit of the iconic FZ750 from the 1980s, using a Yamaha XSR900 as a “packaging” for it.

Furthermore, Crazy Garage’s work philosophy focuses on not only creating unique and very personal customizations. They must also be fully functional, as is the case with the Yamaha “X-FZ900”but also other projects they have worked on previously and which we advise you to take a look at by clicking on this link.

Yamaha “X-FZ900”: Efficiency on the track under a genuine eighties look

Chi-hyun Kim from Crazy Garage comments on his new preparation: “I love 80s style bikes with half fairings like our S1000RR that was introduced a few years ago. I planned a project with the owner to make the XSR900 a track bike and wanted to make it a model with Yamaha heritage. “So what I chose was the FZ750, which was equipped with Yamaha’s first Genesis philosophy.”

The legendary FZ750 was officially presented at the German IFMA in the fall of 1984 and remained within the Japanese firm’s offering until 1991. It was equipped with a 750 cc four-cylinder, water-cooled engine with a 20-valve cylinder head. . managed to offer 103 HP of power at 10,500 rpm and reach 230 km/h.

Yamaha “X-FZ900” By Crazy Garage: When the acronym XSR900 takes on another dimension

On the other hand, we have the XSR900, the platform on which this “X-FZ900” is developed. In this case we are looking at a mount equipped with the well-known CP3 Euro 5 engine with 889 cc, capable of developing 119 HP at 10,000 rpm and 93 Nm of maximum torque at 7,000 rpm. Kim adds an original front fairing and fuel tank from FZ750 to it.

The rear features an all-new aluminum subframe that, in the words of the Crazy Garage team, reduces the weight of the original by half. This is covered at its end by a single-seat tail made of FRP. Likewise, the exhaust system has an Arrow intermediate part and a specific silencer.

Yamaha “X-FZ900” By Crazy Garage: When the acronym XSR900 takes on another dimension

At an electronic level, the ECU has been reconfigured to adapt it to the modifications made to the intake and exhaust. The cooling system now has a larger radiator from a Yamaha R6, which also has modifications to improve its capacity and performance.

Track tires, Ohlins suspensions or a handmade keel made of FRP and reinforced with carbon fiber are also part of the modifications that have been carried out on this “X-FZ900”. Obviously, the bike is now lighter and its operation much more effective.

Yamaha “X-FZ900” By Crazy Garage: When the acronym XSR900 takes on another dimension

Finally, Chi-hyun Kim confirms that overall weight reduction has been one of her priorities: “The current curb weight is just over 150kg, which is lighter than the Ninja 400. Once we upgrade to lightweight wheels, it is expected to weigh in the mid-150kg range.” Light, beautiful and effective. What more could you ask for?

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