Everything prepared for the fight Lorenzo vs Pedrosa

There was a time when if we had been told that there would be a fight between Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa, we would have imagined it in any paddock or any escape from the World Cup after a clash.

Fortunately, those years of “rebellion” were behind them, and in the final parts of their careers they gave us great moments on the track with a respect for each other worthy of admiration. Hand-to-hand battles in which touching was prohibited, and if there was no space it was not done by pushing the opponent.

But, as you well know, a little less than two months ago Jorge Lorenzo challenged Dani Pedrosa to carry out a fight in a ring, behind closed doors and broadcast through his YouTube channel Dura la Vita. The surprise was huge, but it was even more so when Pedrosa did not hesitate to accept the duel.

We didn’t know the date, but obviously the moment of the fight was getting closer each time and now it’s here. This same week, taking advantage of the fact that we don’t have a Grand Prix, the two Spaniards are going to get into the ring to have that fight.

This weekend comes the time of the big fight

In a small video we have been able to see both of them getting equipped to compete, and a few days ago we could see Josep Lluís Merlos in a ring as presenter of the event. It must be remembered that Merlos is the one who presents and moderates the Dura la Vita podcast, and one of the most charismatic motor sport narrators in our country.

The fact is that everything seems prepared for the fight, the fight of the year, the evening. For now we don’t know the time and we don’t even know for sure if it will be a real or dialectical combat. What we do know is that two of the best drivers in the recent history of motorcycling are going to face each other, and we don’t want to miss it.

Happy drivers

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