Wottan STORM-X 125 Test

Wottan STORM-X 125 Test

The Wottan catalogue continues to grow and offers us with this Wottan STORM-X, a 125cc scooter which comes with very successful equipment, a modern and urban design and which offers some very careful aesthetic characteristics at the same time that it puts a emphasis on comfort and safety.

This STORM-X completes the already wide range of 125 cc scooters from the company, taking advantage of the same motorization of its brothers. It should be noted that All Wottan scooters are called STORM and to distinguish them, we have to look at the letter that accompanies them. Thus, Wottan has its entry to the range in the STORM (simply) and the STORM-T, which are 125 cc and air-cooled. The STORM-R and the STORM-V are also 125 cc, but liquid-cooled. There is also a 300 cc STORM-R that joins the STORM-S and the STORM-SP in the same displacement.

The STORM-X is offered in two versions: The basic version of the STORM-X costs €2,690 and comes with CBS braking. But for The STORM-X+ version can be purchased for €2,890which has liquid cooling, ABS, traction control, a Star-Stop system and a much more complete and capable instrument display. It is certainly worth it for those who can afford the difference to opt for the plus version, which offers more safety features and has better performance in general.

In this segment of 125 cc urban mobility there are many rivals with which we could measure the Wottan STORM-X, such as the SYM Jet X 125, the Voge SR1 125 or the Zontes E125. What is certain is that it is difficult to find one that surpasses the Wotan Strom-X if we take into account its price-design-equipment ratio.

Features and equipment of the Wottan STORM-X 125

The Wottan STORM-X is equipped with the same 125 cc engine as other Wottan scooters, a 4-stroke, two-valve, air-cooled single-cylinder in the basic version and which gives 9 HP at 7,500 rpmwhile the liquid-cooled plus version reaches the 11 HP at 8,500 rpmThe brand’s website also talks about a 150 cc version but it is only for the Italian market, and although we are not going to discuss it in this article, it has all the equipment and features of the 125 cc STORM-X+ version that we will see in Spain.

Wottan’s 125cc water engine shows a noticeable improvement over its air-cooled versions, especially in terms of smooth ride and reduced vibrationsIt also has an electronic ignition, start/stop system and silent start, all while complying with Euro5 regulations. The tank holds 10.5 litres and with the engine’s very low consumption, the range is over 300 km.

Dynamically, the STORM-X is a simple scooter, but it handles urban travel with ease. The chassis is made of multi-tubular steel and the swingarm houses the engine, in a classic compact scooter configuration. The suspensions are made up of a 31mm telescopic fork and a Double adjustable hydraulic shock absorber in 3 hardness positions.

The brakes are single disc both front and rear, 240mm and 220mm respectively. They are assisted by a combined braking system (CBS) and in the case of the plus version, we also have the already mentioned system of ABS. The wheels are of 14” front and 13” rearriding 110/70 and 130/70 tires respectively.

It is a compact scooter, which has 1,995 mm in length total and a weight of 136 kg dry for the basic version and a little more (142 kg) for the plus version, due to the addition of components that the system entails. ABS and traction control.

The equipment is complete and well chosen. In addition to a modern and attractive design, which includes a short smoked windshield that is very aesthetically interesting, it comes with lighting full LED. It also presents retractable passenger footrestswhich are integrated into the fairing when not in use. The plus version offers a system of smart key It does not offer keyless start, but it does allow us to activate the scooter remotely, without having to put it in the vehicle.

The only caveat is that we have to press a button on the key before starting, but otherwise we can carry it in our pocket, as we would with a keyless system. In addition, the STORM-X has other details such as a glove box on the left side of the shield and a space under the seat, which could be more generous. In our test, we were not able to fit a full-face helmet, although we did You can store a jet helmet along with some small objects.

Its best asset in terms of equipment is undoubtedly its Superb 7 inch TFT displaywhich is very clear, looks great and has 5 levels of brightness adjustment. The graphics are elegant and it has two display modes that offer all the information clearly. The best thing is that we can use this system to view the current situation in real time. navigation with maps if we connect our mobile and use an app from the manufacturer.

Wottan STORM-X Test: Sensations on the Go

The first thing that catches your attention when you see this Wottan STORM-X in front of you is its careful aesthetics. It has modern and interesting lines, dominated by a large windscreen, but located more along the shield than above it, so that it decorates more than it protects from the elements. Of course, it is smoked and looks great, recalling the style of some of the best-known sports scooters.

The key is not exactly a keyless system. It is more like a kind of remote control. We have to press a button on it for the scooter to activate. It is convenient because We can keep it in a pocket while we are driving, But we have to locate it to start it. We cannot simply approach the scooter and start it, but we have to access it. This is not a major problem if we carry it in our pocket, but it becomes a bigger nuisance if we carry it in our backpack or in a bag.

The first thing that catches your eye when you get on the Wottan STORM-X 125 is the instrument display, which is large, clear and of very good quality. The brightness can be adjusted to 5 different levels using the same button used to access the menus. Navigating through these is simple: one press goes to the next option, a long press selects. In addition, the structure of the information makes sense and can be learned in a moment.

Another of the great strengths of the bike, which is evident even before starting, is the app with which we connect to the scooter’s BT. It allows us to navigate very comfortably, with map and real-time directions which are displayed on a large section of the screen, while on the right we see the speed, temperature and fuel level. Once we have entered the destination, we can turn off the screen of the mobile phone and put it in our pocket.

The mobile app is simple and works very well. The connection is immediate and very intuitive through QR code. In addition to displaying information for navigation, it has an option to screen mirroring which allows us to replicate the screen of our mobile phone on the scooter’s display. While using the mobile connection, we can return at any time to the original instrumentation display of the motorcycle, with just the push of a button.

Walking through the city’s avenues, the first thing you notice is that it is a Agile vehiclewhich is less than two meters long. Thanks to its 14 and 13 inch wheels it is very easy to maneuver and weaving through traffic becomes a breeze. The engine has a round sound and sweet behavior.

The scooter has 11 HP in its liquid-cooled version which comes in handy on hot days or when we are going to demand a little more from it. Start-up is completely silent and the idle is almost imperceptible. When we get going, it remains smooth at almost any speed range. Has start/stop system that we can leave activated or not, but I recommend leaving it activated, because it works very well, it is silent and helps us save fuel, although sometimes it can be a little slow to activate.

The riding position in my case is not ideal because I am 186 cm tall and it is a compact scooter and I feel a bit boxed in. Even so, I was able to place the mirrors in the right place and I can see widely behind me without any problem. The windshield is very aesthetically pleasing. and it looks very nice, but it is too low to protect us from the elements. Turning radius is very goodbut the handlebars easily hit my legs, although most users will not have this problem.

At highway speed or on ring roads in large cities, we see that the engine does good job in keeping the leadbut the starts and accelerations are very smooth. CWith my 100 kg weight, it has a hard time going over 90 km/h on flat ground, but when it reaches it, it maintains it without problems. On some downhill slopes and with patience, I have seen 100 or 105 km/h, although I am convinced that a lighter rider will be able to experience better performance.

In slightly more urban environments, this is where you can squeeze the benefits of this Wottan STORM-X 125. We still notice a certain lack of punch when starting off, but maintaining speed on the avenues is not a problem and the zigzagging between cars is very easy. Overall it is an agile and lightweight scooter, ideal for getting around the traffic in big cities.

Braking is quite correct, but the feel of the rear lever can be a bit dry. The bite is severe and the braking power is adequate For such a light vehicle, it is best to use both brakes at the same time to get more feedback. The ABS system works perfectly and gives us an added safety factor especially on rainy days.

The general use of this Wottan STORM-X 125 is satisfactory and is positioned as a Very good tool for urban mobilityThe equipment is adequate and well chosen, with no unnecessary things. ABS, traction control, a good screen and an app that makes sense and works very well, especially the navigation.

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