renews its image. Yellow is the protagonist in the revolution of the senses

Yellow is the lightest of the primary colours. Curiously, it is a cursed colour, and not only for theatre actors. For example, Judas wore a yellow cape, and in the Middle Ages it was the way of marking that there was an epidemic. But at the same time it also represents the opposite. It is the colour of wisdom for Islam, the symbol of the emperor of China, the light of the Mediterranean or the colour of obsession.

And there are probably no people more obsessed with motorcycles than all of us who make up the family. We love everything from the most sophisticated sports bike to the moped that’s been left in a barn, falling apart over the years. We tell you what no one else tells you because we are like the yellow one, different.

That is why our corporate colour from now on is that shade. Traditionally, the motoring press has gone hand in hand with the colour red. And red began to remind us of the artists who decided to all paint pictures in the same way. But then came Impressionism, and everything took on a different character. Now we are the Van Gogh and Klimt of the motoring press.

And it’s not just the colour that sets us apart, but also the new logo that we launched. It’s stronger, more dynamic, more recognisable. And we want you to identify with it, and to tell your friends, to share it. That’s why our presence on social media is getting stronger, creating content that entertains you, but also shows you tips, motorcycle tests, news, etc. A good example is our YouTube channel, which has more tests than ever. Find us also on FB, TW, IG or TikTok. We’re just a click away from you.

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As Socrates might have said if he had been born after the invention of the motorcycle, “I only know that I am a biker

I’mABiker. And you?

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