Yamaha also launches its Y-AMT automated manual shifting system. We analyze it in detail

Recently, we learned how Yamaha was working on a new automated manual gear changing system that now materializes in this new Y-AMT. This offers us the possibility of choosing between a smooth manual shift, operated with the fingers, or two fully automatic shift modes.

A technology inspired by Yamaha’s Jin-Ki Kanno philosophy, which emphasizes the pleasure a rider feels when feeling at one with their machine, resulting in an even more active experience and providing Kando. A Japanese word that expresses the feeling of deep satisfaction and intense excitement experienced when encountering a product of exceptional value, quality and performance.

Y-AMT shifting system in detail

The first aspect to highlight about Yamaha’s new technology is that the Y-AMT models will not have a shift lever. That is, the rider does not have to move his left foot from the footpeg, which allows him to focus on the position of his body and the distribution of weight on the footpegs to improve control of his motorcycle, especially in corners.

The Y-AMT system allows the machine’s gear change characteristics to be adjusted according to the rider’s preferences and the road conditions at all times, being able to choose between a finger-operated manual shift, “MT” or a fully automatic one. AT.”

In it manual mode (MT), gear changes are quick and precise, just by pressing a button, without having to operate the clutch lever. Gear changes are controlled with the index finger and thumb using two rocker-type levers: a lever marked with a positive symbol for upshifts and a lever with a negative symbol for downshifts.

To better maintain control during sporty riding, you can also pull the positive lever to upshift and press it to downshift using just your index finger, offering greater freedom as you do not need to remove your thumb from the handlebar. . The size, position and travel of the lever have been designed to perfectly adapt to use with gloves, so it is only necessary to make a small movement with your finger to change gears.

Yamaha and its new Y-AMT automated manual transmission system take sporty riding to another level

The clutch actuation is very progressive, allowing the rider completely natural use at any speed. Maximizing the power characteristics of Yamaha’s Crossplane concept engine designs and sportier riding modes, the MT has been refined to increase sporty riding fun.

If you use the mode fully automatic transmission (AT), riders can choose between two programs that adapt to the driving situation; You can easily switch between the two at any time by pressing a specific thumb-operated “mode” button.

Yamaha and its new Y-AMT automated manual shifting system take sporty driving to another level

Those looking for more active driving on the open road can opt for the “D+” mode, which offers a sporty gearshift that operates at a higher rev range to maintain the excitement of driving, but still enjoy the benefits of a fully automatic transmission.

In everyday use or traveling long distances on the highway, you can opt for “D” mode, which offers a smoother gear changing experience, maintaining a low engine speed, to maximize the confidence and control of the rider in a urban use at low speed.

Yamaha and its new Y-AMT automated manual shifting system take sporty driving to another level

While driving in AT mode, the rider can also perform manual gear changes at any time, simply by using the rocker-type gear shift levers. In any case, the Y-AMT gearbox provides constant linear changes, allowing riders to focus on their body position, cornering, braking and acceleration, whether riding in the city or on the highway.

Yamaha at the technological pinnacle

Yamaha was already at the forefront of automatic shifting technology in motorcycles, with the development of the YCC-S (Yamaha Microprocessor Controlled Shift) system for the FJR1300 Sport Tourer model almost two decades ago. The YCC-S had an automatic hydraulic clutch actuation system, which allowed the pilot to change gears manually using a finger-operated lever.

Yamaha and its new Y-AMT automated manual transmission system take sporty riding to another level

The new Y-AMT system, unlike the hydraulically powered YCC-S system, uses two electric actuators that perform the functions traditionally performed by the pilot with the left hand and foot. The system weighs only 2.8 kg and has been designed to be compact and lightweight, without the engine having to be wider in line with Yamaha’s famous philosophy of a compact design of the chassis.

In this way, the feeling of lightness of a conventional motorcycle is preserved, while maintaining the ease of handling and the performance of the machine. When using the throttle control system together “ride-by-wire” Yamaha (YCC-T), switchable riding modes and cruise control functions, a Y-AMT equipped bike can be configured for any type of riding.

Yamaha and its new Y-AMT automated manual shifting system take sporty driving to another level

While the focus of previous similar motorcycle transmissions tended to be focused on touring use, the Y-AMT system has been developed to enhance the purity of sporty riding, allowing the rider to focus more on the more exciting aspects of the ride. driving.

Technical characteristics of the Y-AMT system

  • Manual gear change via finger-operated rocker switch
  • Two automatic transmission modes: D+ (sportier gearshift) and D
  • Automated clutch and electric motor-driven gear shifting
  • Weight: 2.8kg

Yamaha and its new Y-AMT automated manual shifting system take sporty driving to another level

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