A single tax could arrive that combines the circulation and registration of cars

Owning a car currently entails a series of expenses that go beyond the maintenance and driving of the vehicle itself. Car taxes are an important part that must be taken into account, as they are quite a lot and change depending on the type of car or the place where it is registered. The fact is that now we have several local and regional taxes, but that could change in the future. Later it could come a single tax that combines the circulation and registration of cars.

This is a proposal that comes from the General Council of Economists (CGE) and that could make some sense. For this group, it should be the State that collects funds from the transport sector and not the autonomous communities or city councils. Therefore, the solution would be to simplify everything to a single tax that tax both circulation and property of the car. It is a measure that is still up in the air and that would require many changes, including a deep tax reform.

In this case, the CGE alleges that if the main purpose of these tax rates is related to carbon emissions, it makes more sense for it to be something state-run. Currently, autonomous communities and municipalities decide, which makes it often disparate. A good number of road tax havens have been registered. Not to mention that does not take into account the environmental elementwhich would be the most important and affects what taxpayers pay in other countries.

On the other hand, the registration tax does vary between 0 and 14.75% depending on the type of vehicle and CO2 emissions, as long as the autonomous community has not approved certain regulations. different tax rates. In this respect, the single state tax would unite all driver payments and could have some advantage. The CGE proposes an additional system of direct subsidies to encourage the acquisition of vehicles, such as the Moves. They also say that Spain is of the countries that collect the least of the transport sector, with 3.3 billion euros compared to 12.4 billion in Italy or 10,000 in Germany.

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