Electric motorcycles save an astonishing figure of more than 1 million barrels of oil per day

We are continually hearing proclamations about sustainable mobility, electric mobility and the vehicles of the future. But among all the noise there is a type of vehicle that has zero emissions during its use, which is saving humanity a million barrels of oil a day.

Regardless, the electric motorcycles that already circulate around the planet do not consume the almost 160 million liters of raw oil per day (then it would have to be refined and not all of it would be gasoline), which those same motorcycles would make if they were made of gasoline.

To be exact, 1,069,484 barrels per day are estimated, and globally they account for almost 65% of the total consumption currently saved by electric vehicles. These are figures well above the savings that vans, trucks, buses and cars achieve, and among the rest they barely reach 600,000 barrels per day.

The Bloomberg report also reveals the reason behind these figures, which is that it is currently estimated that there are almost 302 million electric motorcycles that are circulating, which represents 47% of the fleet. Meanwhile, in trucks and vans, electric vehicles are only 4%, and in cars, 18%, representing 40.8 million.

That is to say, we are hearing that there is a slowdown in the sale of electric vehicles, but the truth is that the global implementation of electric motorcycles is being a complete success. And that is mainly due to Asian countries, where motorcycles are faster, more efficient and economical transportation than cars.

More electric motorcycles than all vehicles combined, but less need for batteries

Furthermore, thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles, the fact that they are lighter and smaller means that electric motorcycles need smaller and easier batteries, not only to handle, but to charge and even to manufacture. In fact, the graphs show that despite being the most popular electric vehicles, they are practically the ones that need the least lithium batteries.

There are already more than 300 million electric motorcycles in operation

Of course, it must be clarified that this saving in terms of oil is about the consumption that the vehicles would make while running, and is not related to their manufacturing, maintenance or scrapping processes. That is a more complicated point, especially when it comes to managing used batteries, but it does not have to consume more energy resources either.

To establish the weight of the different geographical areas, as we said, Asia is in the lead. But within this, China is far in the lead, followed by all of Europe. The United States is the third largest buyer of electric cars, followed by Canada, Brazil, Southeast Asia and the rest of the world.

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