Do you have a child under 16 years old who uses the electric scooter? Well, he won’t be able to use it anymore.

We already told you at the beginning of the year, the DGT was preparing new rules about electric scooters. Now, half a year later and finally, we know more. Among the measures proposed by the DGThighlights the obligation for users of electric scooters to wear a helmet, be over 16 years of age, and for those who use them for work, the need to wear a reflective vest.

This new regulation will be incorporated in a future review of the General Traffic Regulations. By the way, measures that have been in preparation for more than 3 years and that will begin their public consultation stage this Wednesday. That is, today.

The draft reform also includes a reduction in the permitted blood alcohol limits for novice and professional drivers, adjusting the levels to 0.20 grams per liter of blood or 0.15 milligrams per liter of expired air.

In addition, specific requirements are established for personal mobility vehicles, which may only circulate in urban areas and always with due visibility precautions and maneuver signage.

Now in the spotlight, pedestrians have been given exclusive use of sidewalks, severely limiting vehicle movement and parking to especially protect those with reduced mobility.

The reform also addresses the issue of traffic in emergency situations, requiring vehicles to stay in the right lane on highways and highways to leave the left lane free for emergency vehicles and snow plows during adverse conditions, and creating emergency lanes during traffic jams. significant.

DGT regulations for electric scooters

Not only scooters, the advance regarding motorcyclists is also reaffirmed

In relation to motorcyclists, the General direction of traffic will update the regulations to allow them to use the shoulder during traffic congestion. Likewise, both drivers and passengers will be required to use protective gloves and full helmets, whether full-face or modular (on the road), and appropriate footwear on all roads.

Additionally, it will be established that the helmets used by those who drive mopeds are not only certified, but also officially approved. Both drivers and passengers must be equipped with protective gloves and closed shoes to ensure their safety.

DGT regulations for electric scooters

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