Kawasaki returns with its “silent Offroad fun”

Exactly two years ago Kawasaki introduced its first electric motorcycle: the Elektrode. In 2024, the Japanese brand returns with the Electrode 20, a variant of the brand’s first electric “Balance bike”, equipped with 20-inch tires. In this way, the age range has also been expanded to allow young people to enjoy this concept of mobility.

Kawasaki Elektrode 20 in detail

The new one Electrode 20 It is powered by a combination of 48V/10.2Ah (489.6Wh) battery connected to a motor in the rear wheel of 750W; a substantial increase over the Elektrode 16 motor, which is 250 W. With the possibility of recharging, through the charger and the charging cable connected to the battery housed in the diagonal tube of the frame, from zero to full charge in four hours with a 90% charge in just three hours.

With three selectable speed modespilots can adjust the operation of the Electrode 20 and therefore the performance, adapting it to your skills and needs: low, medium and high, with the comfort of long driving sessions. It is possible to ride for a full hour in High mode, and longer periods at lower speeds depending on weight, terrain and use.

At the cycle part level, this Electrode 20 It is equipped with a telescopic front fork, mechanical front and rear brakes (actuated by the left and right handlebar levers) and knobby tires wearing 20-inch (50.8 cm) rims. And, in order to adapt to the greatest possible number of pilots, the seat offers a generous height adjustment of 143 mm.

Elektrode 20: Kawasaki returns with its "Silent Offroad Fun"

It even has an MX-style front number, to further reinforce its appearance and personality focused on Offroad practice. Together with the use of Kawasaki’s evocative lime green color, they make the Elektrode 20 a balanced and effective model to start practicing mud riding. With it, Kawasaki goes one step further in terms of performance, although maintaining the philosophy of its younger sister, the Elektrode 16, unchanged.

The brand has announced that the first units of the Elektrode 20 will arrive at European dealerships next season.

More information and details on the official Kawasaki website or at any of the authorized distributors that currently collaborate with the Japanese firm in our country.

Elektrode 20: Kawasaki returns with its "silent offroad fun"

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