The manga germ inspires this preparation of the CFMoto Papio Akira by 13 Lucky Monkey

If we put a cocktail shaker, a minibike, a Filipino jewelry brand and a famous Japanese anime series, the result is this striking CFMoto Papio Akira. The fruit of the passion that the two founders of 13 Lucky Monkey profess for the world of two wheels, Noli Coronado and Dante Dizon, profess this project that now sees the light and that we have learned about thanks to our colleagues at Return of the Cafe Racers.

It is curious to think of the customizations that we have known over the years inspired by the iconic mount piloted by Kaneda, protagonist of the well-known Japanese series Akira. If you don’t believe us, we leave you here some of them so you can get an idea of ​​how far the imagination of its creators goes:

CFMoto Papio Akira by 13 Lucky Monkey in detail

Now let’s go with the protagonist of these lines, this Papio Akira owned by the founders of 13 Lucky Monkey. As they themselves describe in the section where they explain a little about the history of their brand and their unconditional love for two wheels: “We ride very old motorcycles and we see beauty in these machines: dirty, greasy and noisy. “We want our jewelry to have that same patina that only comes with use and age.”

They are also fans of 80s anime, which is perhaps why they chose this specific theme to shape their Papio Akira. They themselves explain that: “The bike in its original form was ideal with its twin headlights, double signals and that little fairing. It seemed like an homage to the superbikes of yesteryear from the 80s. We are big fans of the anime manga Akira. Most of our ring and t-shirt designs have been inspired by the 1988 film.”

CFMoto Papio Akira by 13 Lucky Monkey

Now, we can find few similarities between a standard CFMoto Papio and the Akira motorcycle. However, our protagonists resorted to Sushi Factoryexperts in the manufacture of body kits, to design one to resemble the look from this Papio to that of Kaneda’s mount. Likewise, they wanted to give it a slightly more square shape, reminiscent of the Superbikes of the eighties.

To do this, the guys from Sushi Factory added some elements to the original fairing of the Papio, mainly remodeling the front part, where the turn signals are now also integrated. The modifications also reach the rear with the addition of a new single-seat tail, seeking to offer a more aggressive image to the whole. Where there is no doubt about its Akira inspiration is in the aluminum hubcaps that equip its wheels.

CFMoto Papio Akira by 13 Lucky Monkey

To finish off the set, this Papio Akira was painted in the same red as the main motorcycle of the series, and a set of stickers were included that refer to the ones it carried.

The final touch is given by its brand new owners, including some handmade pieces of jewelry of their own creation, and very much in line with the design that this picturesque preparation shows.

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