Honda uses irony with Motorcore aesthetics to celebrate its particular “Fashion Week Paris”

Just a few days ago the Fashion Week Paris 2024one of the largest international fashion events, in which the most important brands in the sector come to show their latest collections to the public that gathers there.

In this context, in previous editions, we have even seen how prestigious brands from the textile world and others related to the world of two wheels, have presented truly surprising products for the first time.

This is the case of D-Air Lab and Dior and their clothing collection using protective clothing for motorcyclists, in which Maria Grazia Chiuri, artistic director of Dior, manages to combine beauty, high technology and protection, all in one. A different way of dressing that, in addition to style, provides us with a high level of security.

Honda France sets up its own “Fashion Week Paris 2024”

On this occasion, on the occasion of the emblematic Parisian event, Honda France wanted to take advantage of the commercial pull of this Fashion Week Paris, creating its own advertising campaign composed of six posters where fashion, motorcycles and humor mix to attract the attention of its clients.

Honda celebrates its particular "Fashion Week Paris"

In them we can see how about the motto “Paris-London-Milan-Le Mans”, The image of one of the main models of the campaign is shown dressed in a vintage leather jacket from the brand. On the other side, one of the frames that make up Honda’s current 2025 range and an advertising slogan above the image.

Among them you can read messages full of intention such as “We also do Motorcycles” (we also make motorcycles) or “Making motorcore hardcore” (Making the biker aesthetic tougher). Also “Fast fashion since 1948” (Making fashion since 1948) or “Fashion house. “With a garage” (Fashion house. With garage).

Honda celebrates its particular "Fashion Week Paris"

As we can see in all of them, they try to highlight how the Japanese brand is capable of making good fashion collections, but also designing “great collections” of motorcycles.

An advertising campaign in which they have had the specialized photographer Gil Anselmi and the famous model Satya Oblette.

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