Your BMW Falcon 1250 GS is on another level

A few hours ago we were really shocked to discover one of the latest works of the Russian specialist Zillers Motorcycle, the Falcon 1250 GSIn it, following their personal style, they have managed to give the “serious” German adventure a touch halfway between futuristic and intimidating that leaves no one indifferent.

This is not the first time we have seen a preparation carried out on one of the versions of the well-known German maxitrail, but this one takes the first prize for originality and quality of finishes. At least visually, since there is still very little information on the Internet about this Halcón 1250 GS.

BMW Falcon 1250 GS: Incredibly personal

Any self-respecting specialist seeks, above all, to give a personal and non-transferable touch to any of his works. In this, the Russian tuner based in Moscow, Zillers Motorcycle, is unparalleled every time he leaves us speechless with one of his projects.

Even BMW Motorrad itself has talked about them on its official website following an excellent preparation carried out on a BMW R nineT. At that time (in 2020), the Bavarian brand said of this work: “Otocycling is not just about speed, adrenaline and freedom. This is art. The project we want to share with you today is a unique BMW R nineT, created for BMW Motorrad Russia by world customizing champion Zillers Garage. And it seems that this time its founder, Dmitry Golubchikov, has outdone himself.”

In fact, the Zillers Motorcycle team focuses especially on BMW-based preparations. In fact, they are the official tuner of the brand in the area. This Falcon 1250 GS maintains that special aura that each of the works of Golubchikov and his team treasure. To do this, they focus on details such as CNC-made wheels or a custom-made bodywork with countless details that are exposed to the expert eye of the enthusiast.

On the other hand, the black color takes over the image of this Halcón 1250 GS, and it seems as if the famous “Street Hawk” of 1985 would have risen from its ashes, 40 years later, to take over the soul of the German maxi-trail. Perhaps for this reason its creators have decided to baptize this project under the nickname of “Hawk”.

BMW "Hawk" 1250 GS by Zillers Motorcycle

One thing is clear; you either hate her or love her. With this Falcon 1250 GS There is no middle ground and looking at it closely it seems that BMW Motorrad has been inspired for the design of its new R 1300 GS Adventure 2025, of which by the way you already have all the details on our website. Having said that, what do you think of this intimidating and personal Halcón 1250 GS?

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