10 essential elements that all motorcycles should have

The two-wheeled sector is evolving by leaps and bounds in almost any area that is related to it. However, there are still some aspects that need improvement, for example in terms of equipment or essential safety.

That is why today we want to quote you 10 essential elements that all motorcycles should have in 2024, or at least many of them that, due to price or category in which they fall, we believe it is logical that they are equipped with this type of equipment.

10 essential elements in detail

ABS system

Although it is an element that today equips most motorcycles, especially those with a cubic capacity equal to or more than 125 cc, there are still countless models or versions that do not have it. Some of these mounts opt for a CBS system and others do not even have it.

Safety must become one of the basic pillars for driving a motorcycle and the ABS system should already be integrated into any of the new models marketed in 2024.

Traction control system

Another system related to safety is traction control. As with ABS, this does not come standard on most models currently marketed.

The traction control system helps us keep the rear wheel of the motorcycle stable, precisely preventing it from losing traction or skidding when we open the gas. This prevents possible falls and therefore any type of injury.

10 essential elements that all motorcycles should have

Metal hoses

Without a doubt, the adoption of metal hoses can help us improve the bite of our braking. With them we will see how the braking capacity of our motorcycle is increased, also reducing the fatigue to which the braking system is subjected.

There are many types and brands, but all of them will increase the safety level of our motorcycle, as well as improve the riding comfort, since we will not have to work hard when braking in any situation, expanding our margin of error. .

Manual warning with emergency braking warning

Getting stuck on our favorite route is something that can always happen. So the question is, why don’t all motorcycles equip a manual warning system with an emergency braking warning, to make us more visible to traffic?

Well, in response to this question, we can only encourage all brands to include a system of this type as standard in any of the models they currently market. Our safety goes into it, but also that of the rest of the road users who will be able to identify us more efficiently if we are stopped due to some emergency.

10 essential elements that all motorcycles should have

Cruise control

Although it is beginning to be more common within the two-wheeled sector, cruise control is still reserved for high-end models, generally focused on traveling long distances, excluding most of the mounts currently on the market.

Luckily we have brands that offer us different Kits with which we can integrate this element into our motorcycle without having to make excessive modifications. We ourselves already told you, for example, about the BeraCruise Skate Lock speed regulator, a mechanical cruise control system that works using permanent magnets.

LED lighting

Few things are more important than lighting on a motorcycle, whether in terms of safety or comfort, when riding in low light or at night. However, not all new motorcycles include LED lighting.

Whether only on the front, rear or turn signal, or all of them at the same time, LED lighting should be one of those essential elements on a motorcycle. We ourselves can install some of the kits that are currently marketed, although if we do so we will have to approve it appropriately.

10 essential elements that all motorcycles should have

Adjustable seat

An adjustable seat is synonymous with adaptability and comfort on a motorcycle. Not all pilots have the same height and therefore not all of them like the height that the brand has predetermined on the seat of any of their mounts.

Currently, some brands offer us specific packages where we can choose one seat height or another depending on our needs, although these types of improvements should be included as standard.

Center stand

The central stand is largely forgotten in the world of two wheels. Even users who have it do not usually use it regularly. Whether for convenience or pure necessity, this element can get us out of more than one trouble when parking.

Using the central stand we have the possibility of parking on terrain that would be at least risky with the side kickstand. In addition, it allows us to load a greater weight on the motorcycle without fear that it may overturn, since it is responsible for centering the masses once parked. And best of all: lubricate or clean the chain in an easy way.

10 essential elements that all motorcycles should have

Heated grips

Depending on where we live, heated grips can become true allies once we take control of our mount. In our special “Motorcycle grips: everything you need to know” we detail in depth the types, measurements or materials that we can find when purchasing a kit of this type.

In any case, it never hurts to have this equipment, since we do not know if it can be useful to us at any time, whether in our daily life or on a scheduled trip, for example.

Smartphone connection (especially for browser)

Finally, within this list of 10 essential elements that all motorcycles should have in 2024, we mention the possibility of being able to connect our smartphone to the frame of our motorcycle.

In particular, we emphasize the function intended to be able to use the navigator, but also to be able to operate other types of options directly from our motorcycle. Whether sending or receiving calls, text messages or even playing music.

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