Workshops are also interested in having more new cars, they are more profitable than old ones

For a long time there has been talk about the need to rejuvenate the Spanish vehicle fleet. With an average age now exceeding 14 years, many are concerned about the implications of there are so many old cars. It is clear that this makes it difficult to fight against emissions and that the safety of these vehicles will be below that of current vehicles, but we must also take into account the prices of the cars. In any case, it is not the sole interest of politicians and high places, workshops are also interested.

Many might think that, a priori, the older a car is, the greater the likelihood that it will suffer breakdowns and have to go to the workshop. However, a recent report says that actually These are vehicles up to five years old. those who contribute the majority of the turnover of these businesses. The reason is that, in cars over 15 years old, the user worries about repair the essential to keep it running, keeping a close eye on your pocket and usually with third party insurance. Furthermore, on average, they travel many fewer kilometers.

It is estimated that a car from 15 years of age It only travels about 12,000 kilometers a year. Meanwhile, the average for new cars currently exceeds 18,000 kilometers per year. And it must be taken into account that they are the majority, since there are 14.2 million of these cars in Spain compared to 5.6 million vehicles less than five years old. Therefore, a “young” car travels 57% longer and leaves about 600 euros more billing for media workshops, since more is invested in them to carry out proper maintenance and keep everything up to date.

Therefore, the issue of rejuvenating the automobile fleet is of interest to many more groups than we might think. It is not an easy task, since there are still more than 6 million cars with the old provincial license plates that ended in September 2000, that is, more than 24 years old. Rising prices for new cars are causing greater aging and there are not many solutions in the air, something that has been in demand for several years. Meanwhile, only 2.5% of individuals opt for a new car and 9% do so in the used market.

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