50,000 copies in just one year

The curious paradigm of the current two-wheel market is perfectly represented by two mounts such as the new Triumph Speed ​​​​400 and Scrambler 400 X, which in just one year have managed to win over 50,000 fans. In other words, the average customer is no longer looking for, as they once did, mega-powerful, hyper-light or supersonic motorcycles.

Demands seem to have changed, not least because prices for new motorcycles are considerably higher than in the past. The average customer now looks for a different set of features, both technical and design, that satisfy their needs and personal tastes. In this respect, Triumph seems to have hit the nail on the head with its new Speed ​​400 and Scrambler 400.

Triumph Speed ​​400 and Scrambler 400 X: Synonymous with success

According to Indian media Indian Autos Blog, Triumph’s partnership with Bajaj has brought it “more than 50,000 Triumph Speed ​​​​400 and Scrambler 400 X motorcycles sold in more than 50 countries in its first year”. Following its official launch on June 23, 2023 in London, the brand’s new Modern Classic has become an object of desire for fans.

The brand had already warned about this in its official press release during the launch of both models: “Together, with class-leading capability, driver-focused technology and class-leading quality and detail, and with a high level of specification as standard, long service intervals and a comprehensive warranty.”

Triumph breaks sales records with its new Speed ​​​​400 and Scrambler 400: 50,000 units in just one year

They concluded: “These affordable new models represent incredible value for money and bring iconic Triumph style, quality and performance to a whole new generation of Triumph riders.” Perhaps the last line of this small extract from the original text perfectly defines the success of the new Triumph Speed ​​400 and Scrambler 400 X: “a new generation of Triumph riders.”

And this is where the key to the success of both models and other bikes with similar characteristics lies. The new generations no longer dream of coming of age and getting behind the wheel of a cutting-edge bike. Firstly, because it is not legally possible with the new driving licences that are currently in place.

Triumph breaks sales records with its new Speed ​​​​400 and Scrambler 400: 50,000 units in just one year

On the other hand, there is the price of high-performance motorcycles, which we have already talked about before and which is within the reach of fewer and fewer pockets. Finally, there is the actual use that we give to the motorcycle in our daily lives. It is at this point that the balance enjoyed by motorcycles such as the Speed ​​400 wave Scrambler 400 Xwhere we find a good level of performance, as well as equipment and finishes very similar to those of its older sisters.

All of this adds up to a dividend equal to 50,000 units sold in its first twelve months of life, although everything suggests that this is the beginning of a new era within the brand and, of course, in general terms of the sector.

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