After configuring the most expensive BMW R 1300 GS Adventure, we have put a kidney up for sale

In search of the most expensive GS Adventure

We are clear that the new BMW R 1300 GS Adventure 2025 is one of the most anticipated motorcycles of the year. As has happened with the standard 1300 GS, it represents a complete break with the outgoing version. Not only in terms of the motorcycle concept (engine, chassis, etc.), but also from the aesthetic point of view, with a clear influence from the electric models.

Although the price for Spain has not been announced, yesterday we were able to establish a fairly reliable relationship thanks to the fact that the prices in other markets, such as the British or German, have already been announced. Precisely by taking the configurator of the latter, we have gotten involved and decided to create our definitive R 1300 GS Adventure 2025. That is, one that includes practically all the options that can be selected, even the Option 719 with its premium finish.

This is the most expensive BMW R 1300 GS Adventure that you can configure

The most expensive BMW R 1300 GS Adventure we were able to configure includes the following options:

  • Color Option 719
  • Tourist Pack
  • Dynamic Pack
  • Additional headlights
  • Gold cross-spoke wheels
  • Akrapovic double silencer
  • Adaptive height control
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • High electric tinted windshield
  • Light battery
  • Offroad tires
  • Rear radar
  • Emergency call
  • Anti-theft system
  • ASA shift assistant (included in the Dynamic package)
  • Pro driving modes (included in the Dynamic package)
  • Rear trunk support
  • Tinted side deflectors
  • Electric trunk and rear panniers
  • 20 litre expansion for suitcases
  • Side bags for the radiator
  • ConnectedRide Navigator with Protector
  • Headlight protection
  • Maintenance 5 years or 50,000 km

The price of the most expensive BMW R 1300 GS Adventure that you can configure

So we come to the heart of the matter, which is none other than the price of the most expensive BMW R 1300 GS Adventure you can get. According to the configurator on the German BMW website, the bike we are showing you has a price of 35,377 euros, but you have to take into account the price differences in the different markets.

The standard BMW R 1300 GS costs 19,690 euros in Germany and 21,750 euros in Spain. Using a simple rule of thumb, we can conclude that if we want the most expensive BMW R 1300 GS Adventure, loaded with options, we will have to pay a little more than 39,000 euros.

From here, everyone must draw their own conclusions, depending on their tastes and, of course, their wallet. Other brands, especially American ones, offer motorcycles for travelling to the end of the world in luxury and comfort for similar or higher prices, and nobody is shocked by this.

It’s clear that not everyone is going to spend that kind of money on the new Adventure, but it’s also true that few bikes come with a similar level of equipment.

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