All with 2-cylinder engines, but the Chinese from Souo Motorcycles go and launch an 8-cylinder

Approximately a year ago, a rumor began to spread that the Asian automotive giant, Great Wall, was immersed in the process of developing a motorcycle equipped with a marvelous 8 cylinder engine under its new brand Souo Motorcycles. However, from the first images we had of the model we could see the mechanical similarities with Honda's 6-cylinder mounts.

We are talking, of course, about the well-known Gold Wing and Valkyrie Rune, both powered by the Japanese firm's 1,833 cc six-cylinder engine. Everything suggested then that Great Wall had added two extra cylinders to the everlasting Japanese engine, resulting in a displacement of over 2.4 liters.

New images from the patent registration of Souo Motorcycles' 8-cylinder engine shed light on the matter

Now, thanks to the colleagues at Cycle World, we have seen several images of the patent registration that Great Wall presented in relation to this 8 cylinder engine. With them the theory of a design similar to the propeller that equips the Goldwing is confirmed, although It is estimated that the displacement will finally be contained below 2,000 cc.

Likewise, the transmission is installed in the lower part of the engine and is equipped with a semi-automatic gearbox equipped with a double clutch system. Now him 8 cylinder engine It has 2 overhead cams, initially providing a substantial improvement in terms of power and maximum torque compared to the Honda mechanics.

This is the 8-cylinder engine of the new Souo Motorcycles mounts

For its part, cooling is provided by separate side radiators, which, like the Honda model, have ducts installed in the upper part of each cylinder bank. In short, it brings together a series of technical characteristics that we already knew before, although with the added bonus of having separate extra cylinders.

Everything indicates that the official presentation of the two new Souo Motorcycle frames, equipped with this 8 cylinder engine, will occur during the course of the Beijing International Motorcycle Show, next May. We will be attentive to new updates on the subject that can clarify all the details surrounding this atypical launch within the two-wheeled sector.

This is the 8-cylinder engine of the new Souo Motorcycles mounts

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