An electric vehicle in extreme cold will always start better, and it is pure logic

Electric motorcycles are an excellent alternative to get around urban centers, as they help you reach your destination quickly while not producing polluting emissions. They are also economical vehicles to acquire and maintain, which has made them very common and popular elements in large cities around the world.

All vehicles, electric or combustion engine, can be affected by low temperatures, and in fact, there are statistics around this topic, such as those from Norway (a country where the cold should be taken very seriously). The data indicates that it is more common to have to assist, due to problems related to the cold, for more drivers of gasoline vehicles than for drivers of electric vehicles. Let's not forget that we are talking about a country with a very high number of electric vehicles.

Effects of cold on electric motorcycles

Along with the above, it cannot be denied that the cold can affect electric motorcycles in different ways, starting with the heart of these vehicles: the battery. If we leave the motorcycle outdoors, Very low temperatures can affect the chemical reactions through which electricity is generated and conserved.. This causes the battery to not function as it should, and has limitations in its charging capacity and performance. For example, the battery may not provide the same range as at higher temperatures.

Electric motors also suffer performance in very cold weather, and may generate less power, lose some of its acceleration capacity and its ability to maintain high speeds.

Motorcycles in the cold

Measures we can take

Before moving on to the recommendations, it should be noted that the main manufacturers of electric motorcycles have taken note of the behavior of the electrical components of these equipment at very low temperatures.

They generally manage to maintain acceptable performance no matter what the temperature is (although there are still cases of extreme and exceptional low temperatures that can affect even the best and most advanced electric motorcycle models).

The recommendations:

  • Do not leave the motorcycle exposed to low temperatures. If we know that it is going to be cold, it is important to cover the motorcycle with a cover or tarp, or store it in a closed, sheltered space.
  • We can also use heaters that connect directly to the battery and that serve to keep it at an optimal temperature while driving at very low ambient temperatures.

Electric motorcycles in the cold

  • Another way to make the most of the battery in very cold areas it is through driving: drive at a constant speed, avoid acceleration and do not brake suddenly. In this way, the battery suffers less stress and its performance is as expected.
  • Another tip that is usually given so that the engine has good performance in low temperatures is the use of top quality lubricants. Premium lubricants not only extend the life of our vehicle's engine under normal conditions, but also make it work better in very cold temperatures, and require less energy from the battery.

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