Another dream that is cut short. Arc Motorcycles files for bankruptcy

Arc Motorcycles is not going through its best moment, as we have recently learned thanks to our colleagues at MCN. Apparently, the British company specialized in the development and manufacturing of high-performance electric motorcycles, had recently announced its state of financial bankruptcy.

Founded in 2020, Arc V Ltd would have delivered so far 11 units of its well-known Vector model. Among his clients would be the American actor and businessman Ryan Reynolds, and even members of royalty from different parts of the Middle East.

Mark Trumanfounder and CEO of Arc Motorcyclescomments: “Ultimately, when you sell high-cost, low-volume custom products, it doesn't take a lot of people letting you down to put you in a difficult position.”

He concludes: “Things were going very well, but distribution problems in the United States greatly affected our income, forcing us to look for investments. I am currently working with partners and am determined to try to bring Arc out of administration. “I will also do everything I can to support customers’ motorcycles on the market in the future.”

It is not the first time that Arc Motorcycles has gone through a process of this type

The latest news we had of Arc Motorcycles It was in the summer of last 2023, when we showed you the “Arc Vector Signature Edition: maximum exclusivity based on volts and carbon”. Only two units of this ultra-limited and very exclusive edition, destined for the Yankee market.

What is clear is that this type of luxury product, within the two-wheeled electric segment, does not seem to have completely caught on. Just two months ago, the Swedes at Cake also announced that they were closing due to economic problems, and that was taking into account that their products had much lower prices than those of Arc Motorcycles.

Arc Motorcycles files for bankruptcy

Truman told MCN: “We have done everything possible to try to stop this situation. My wife and I were contributing our own money almost until the last day, although we were practically guaranteed that we would not get that money back.”

The worst thing about the matter is that it is not the first time that the brand has gone through a similar process. Already in 2019 they experienced their first financial bankruptcy, and that is when the company changed its name from Arc Vehicle Ltd to adopting the commercial name Arc V Ltd a few months later.

Arc Motorcycles files for bankruptcy

Truman concludes by claiming that: “The first thing we did when we realized this was going to happen was reach out to all the customers. Everyone was very understanding and wished us well and hoped we could rectify the situation.

“It is the worst process. It's the most brutal process, especially this second time because you promised yourself it would never happen again. “It’s been difficult, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.”

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