Arai and the Isle of Man TT celebrate their 40th anniversary of collaboration

Arai led by the most successful pilots of this competition, such as Joey Dunlop and Michael Dunlophas been part of the history of the Isle of Man TT for 40 years. To do so, they make their flagship helmet available to participants. RX-7V EVO. A model that is the result of years of research, innovation and information collection, much of it received from the Isle of Man.

This magical and almost sacred territory for road racing lovers becomes the scene every year of one of the most extreme and demanding competitions in the world of two wheels: the Tourist Trophy. He knows the brand from the country of the Rising Sun closely, after four decades of participation in it.

Arai's history at the Isle of Man TT in detail

The year 2000 witnessed Joey Dunlop's last victory in the Isle of Man TT. For many, he was the best road racer in history, crossing the finish line and taking the checkered flag in first position on three occasions. that edition, at 48 years old and just a few weeks before losing his life in Estonia.

He did so equipped with his striking yellow Arai, which has become an icon for two-wheel lovers and a symbol that represents everything that this competition means and, especially, a figure like Joey.

The helmet manufacturer accompanied him throughout his professional career, as he has done with his nephew, Michael Dunlop, the most successful driver in the history of the TT along with Joey (tied at 26 victories), and with dozens of professional drivers who each year They receive the legendary touch on the shoulder and launch themselves towards the chilling descent of Bray Hill.

Arai RX-7V EVO: 40 years of evolution

The information collected from the testimonies of the pilots and the study of their helmets after a fall are two of the main sources that Arai draws on when developing its models. The testimonies of professionals such as Michael Dunlop, the Birchall brothers, Ian Hutchinson or Josh Brookes, with a long background in a competition as demanding as the TT, provide invaluable and unbeatable feedback for the evolution of Japanese helmets.

Arai and the Isle of Man TT celebrate their 40th anniversary of collaboration

The result of all this study is the helmet Arai RX-7V EVO, the brand's flagship and top-of-the-range helmet in the racing segment. It has a PB-SNC² shell (structural network composite with superfiber peripheral strap) and variable axis VAS system.

This lowers the position of the visor and expands the space of the temples, this model guarantees the best diversion of the energy generated by possible impacts and, therefore, total protection for the user.

Arai and the Isle of Man TT celebrate their 40th anniversary of collaboration

15 very special editions

Every year, to celebrate a new edition of the Isle of Man TT, Arai launches a special graphic in tribute to this competition. The first arrived in 2007, giving full prominence to the flag of this autonomous island and the Tourist Trophy logo itself, two symbols that, together with the Triskelion formed by three human legs, are repeated in practically all of these designs.

Since then, the manufacturer has played with colors, as happened in the 2013 special edition, which bears a certain resemblance to Joey Dunlop's legendary helmet, and with the hallmarks of a competition that continues to bring together thousands of people every year. on this small island in the Irish Sea.

Arai and the Isle of Man TT celebrate their 40th anniversary of collaboration

In 2024, together with Drudi Performance, Arai has presented the RX-7V EVO IOM TT 2024, in which the colors of the new corporate identity of the test (orange, blue and white) play a leading role, as it also returns to do it the human Triskelion, the layout of the Mountain Course itself and an inscription that all followers of this competition will know perfectly: Ellan Vannin.

“Behind the Visor”: An exciting journey

To celebrate 40 years of presence in the Tourist Trophy, Arai has prepared “Behind the Visor”, an exciting documentary in which it reviews the history of the brand and the special connection that exists between it and the brave pilots, passionate about both. wheels, which compete in the TT.

Arai and the Isle of Man TT celebrate their 40th anniversary of collaboration

This production features interviews with protagonists such as Brian Reid, Michael Dunlop, the Birchall brothers, the Crowe brothers and Josh Brookes and archive images, in which you can see Brian Reid himself, who acknowledges that the first time he used Arai , in 1984, he was “wondered” at Bray Hill or Joey Dunlop celebrating one of his 26 victories.

Among the testimonies of the pilots, the story of the Crowe brothers stands out, who have achieved their first victory in the TT this same year. Ryan recalls in “Behind the Visor” the accident in which his father lost his right leg and arm: “it collided with some trees at 240 km/h and there was an explosion in the tank. The Arai helmet only got a scratch, it can still be used.”

Arai and the Isle of Man TT celebrate their 40th anniversary of collaboration

Dom Herbertson, who suffered a violent fall near Glen Helen in 2022, tells something similar: “I collided at 180 km/h and hit my head first. The injuries extended to the shoulder blade, which was broken, including the pelvis. But I didn't have any head injuries, no bruises, no jaw fractures… Nothing.”. He was carrying an Arai RX-7V EVO.

The trust that a brand you have grown up with gives you is vital. You don't get on the bike thinking, “If she hit me in the head, will something happen to me?””.

For more information and details about the Arai RX-7V EVO, or any of the helmets that make up the 2024 range of the Japanese firm, you can visit the official Bihr website.

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