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The new one Beta RX 2025 range It's here with the renewed ones RX300 and RX450, two frames that continue to grow evolutionary thanks to the experience accumulated by the brand in recent years within the MX sector. The “RideAbility” de Beta officially landed in the motocross specialty three years ago.

He did it with the RX300, the first modern dirt bike built by the Rignano sull'Arno house. This model, initially created exclusively for the American market as a Cross-Country motorcycle, would be based on the RR300 enduro that you already know well, although conveniently adapted to the specialty, and would arrive in Europe in a very limited number of units.

At the end of 2023, the Italian firm upped its ante by also launching the RX450, the street version of the competition prototype that has been racing in the MXGP World Championship for four seasons and the first 4-stroke cross bike built by Betamotor in its history.

Beta RX 2025 range in detail

In this way, the RX300 2T obtains a series of important interventions both in its cycle part and at the engine level that, in addition to giving it its own unique identity, definitively break its ties with the world of enduro. In fact, along with the RX450 4T, The two make up a totally autonomous project completely focused on the world of motocross.

New Beta RX 2025 range: At the top of the category

The latest RX450 also receives new and interesting updates that sharpen and outline, even more so, its own identity and make it a unique motorcycle in its category. It has a construction focused on the manageability and ease of use typical of the Betamotor family character, totally focused on fun without compromises.

Main features of the RX300 2T 2025

Cycle part and various modifications

Like the RX450, the RX300 also features a new chassis designed especially for motocross, which retains many of the well-known proportions of the Beta models, but comes with a whole series of redesigned parts and specific reinforcements compared to the Beta models. enduro.

New Beta RX 2025 range: At the top of the category

Therefore, equalizing the accounts with the 4T model, the chassis acquires a wider main beam than in the past (1 cm), generally resulting in much more rigid in the lateral torsions generated by high-speed corners. The result is a precise and stable vehicle both when entering and when cornering, capable of transmitting a great feeling of security by controlling the high performance of the engine.

In line with the use of the new chassis, the new RX300 receives the aluminum subframe of its older brother, as well as the filter housing. The Kayaba fork with 48 mm stems has a longer travel than the enduro models and receives a new calibration that recreates a perfect configuration together with the new monoshock, ensuring a stable, fast and precise motorcycle, but always easy and sincere in its response .

New Beta RX 2025 range: At the top of the category

For its part, the rear monoshock is unprecedented in the model and, as in the RX450, it changes to a 50 mm piston that allows greater support when landing from jumps thanks to greater hydraulic braking, in addition to guaranteeing consistency of performance with heavy use, where temperatures tend to rise.

Braking is provided by Nissin with floating calipers and 260 mm discs at the front and 240 mm at the rear. In particular, at the front the new caliper stands out, inherited from its older sister, smaller, lighter and with better performance than the previous one, which guarantees more incisive performance when braking at the limit.

New Beta RX 2025 range: At the top of the category

At the rear, the new pump, which has made its first appearance on enduro racing models, is characterized by greater braking power and greater modulability, as well as a different fixation to the chassis.

In the aesthetic part, the front conveyors remain unchanged in shape, at the rear comes a new, slender and aggressive codon that, as it is not a load-bearing element, is inserted into the new aluminum subframe. The plastic tank, designed especially for cross-country, now has a capacity of about 7 liters.

New Beta RX 2025 range: At the top of the category

Engine and exhaust

If the motorcycle is completely new from the point of view of the cycle part, the developments on the engine side are even more decisive. The position of the engine, along with its respective connections, is different compared to enduro models which guarantees excellent balance, both in corners and jumps.

The engine is completely new and consists of a new cylinder with more powerful discharge and transfer phases, a new cylinder head with higher compression and a modified intake sump to increase air flow.

New Beta RX 2025 range: At the top of the category

The result of this intervention is a propeller with a much greater thrust than in the past, but that maintains the exceptional thrust at low revolutions that has always distinguished Betamotor's 300 2T, despite the fact that the maximum power peak at high revolutions It is higher, as needed on a motocross track.

The increased engine power is transmitted to the rear wheel through a completely redesigned 5-speed gearbox, with specific spacing for MX use, and a stiffer spring that preloads the clutch pack more to prevent slippage. The crown has 49 teeth, instead of 48, for lightning-fast accelerations.

New Beta RX 2025 range: At the top of the category

This entire new package has been perfectly tuned through specific maps, new carburetor calibrations (Keihin PWK 38) and several springs in the properly regulated wastegate.

Likewise, the cooling system equips the RX450's radiators redesigned at the top compared to the previous model to have a better steering angle and optimize the internal flows of the cooling liquid. The exhaust system, also completely redesigned, offers a dedicated expansion and a short muffler, in true motocross style.

New Beta RX 2025 range: At the top of the category

Main features of the RX450 4T 2025

Cycle part and various modifications

The shapes of the rear subframe remain unchanged, as does the filter box, but the structure has been adequately reinforced in a series of points that stiffen and strengthen the structure, maintaining lightness and the ability to absorb stress. Access to the filter is on the left side of the motorcycle and is extremely easy and intuitive, in addition to not requiring any tools.

The fork and monoshock receive a new calibration that enhances the character of the bike, both in terms of maneuverability and stability when increasing the pace. The result is a refinement of the characteristics already highlighted even by MXGP riders for this model, maneuverability and stability that instill confidence in every rider, regardless of their level.

New Beta RX 2025 range: At the top of the category

To find the ideal compromise between maximum speed and acceleration, the crown now has 51 teeth, one more than the previous one, to favor recovery from slower corners, making the bike more agile when accelerating.

Other relevant changes are, for example, that a new lithium battery has been installed in the 2025 RX450, with a higher amperage than the previous one, to always have the necessary boost for start-up. Just as the superstructures recently introduced with the new codon remain unchanged, new graphics arrive, increasingly daring and aggressive, which do not lack character to highlight the racing soul of the model.

New Beta RX 2025 range: At the top of the category

Common features in the Beta RX 2025 range

  • Silent block handlebars: Comfort and motocross are notoriously two very distant concepts, but with the new Silent blocks that equip both the RX300 and the RX450 the distance between the two is considerably reduced. Not in vain, with the aim of making the grip on the handlebar as comfortable as possible and therefore the control on the bike, this new model update reduces vibrations and increases the handlebar by 5 mm compared to the previous model, tiring the pilot less and, therefore, improving its performance.
  • Footpegs: The 2025 Model Year receives new footpegs, more compact and with better grip provided to the rider's boot, to always keep the motorcycle under control.
  • Swingarm: The rear wheel bolt has been reinforced, gaining 2 mm in diameter and increasing to 22 mm. This new component guarantees greater rigidity and resistance to torsion, with the result of having a motorcycle that is always precise and well steerable, even in the most violent accelerations.
  • Engine Maps: Both RXs are equipped with two specific engine maps (dry and wet), while the 4T model also features four levels of traction control intervention (on/off/hard map active/soft map active) to manage the vehicle's considerable power in all track conditions. The button for map and CT selection is on the handlebar protector.

New Beta RX 2025 range: At the top of the category

The new one Beta RX 2025 range It will be available at the end of June. They are delivered with a personalized stand to park the motorcycle and 4 different throttle pulleys to customize the throttle response. More information on the official Betamotor website or at any of the brand's authorized distributors.

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