This KTM 390 Duke looks real… But it's a paper bike made from cookie boxes!

Building a paper motorcycle can take us days, weeks, and even months, depending on the level of difficulty and perfection we are willing to undertake. However, when we believe that we may be at the summit of a papercraft project, we will only have to take a look at the video that we show you today and realize that we still have a long way to go to achieve it.

To begin with, for those who do not know the papercraft Let me tell you that we are talking about a model construction technique, using only paper or cardboard, scissors and glue. From here we can shape countless 3D figures like this KTM 390 Duke that we show you here.

A completely handmade paper motorcycle

The great achievement of this content creator on YouTube is not using any type of template printed or created by AutoCAD. Nor does using cardboard or paper with the necessary colors to define the details of this paper bike to scale. As we can see throughout the duration of the video, absolutely everything is recreated by hand.

From the design from which he takes the templates to be able to make one by one all the pieces that make up this paper motorcycle, to each of the components that he models, cuts and subsequently assembles. The level of detail is so high that it is hard to believe the final result at times.

Among other things because it focuses especially on shaping each and every one of the edges that establish the design lines of this paper bike. Chassis and swingarm, engine, suspension, tires, braking and rims, etc. In each part of the video he designs, manufactures and subsequently assembles each of the specific areas that end up being part of this paper bike.

Even details as unlikely as the control pins, fuel tank cap or brake and clutch hoses are also developed following this technique. A work of art that we have no idea how long it took to make, but that undoubtedly deserves to be exhibited in any thematic exhibition.

The perfect paper bike exists: Take a look at this KTM 390 Duke made from cookie boxes!

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