High capacity and versatility at a very reasonable price

GIVI expands its varied catalog with the new top case V45 Sand. A perfect solution to solve users' day-to-day storage problems, thanks to its 45 liters capacity. In addition, it adapts perfectly to most frames, and can be complemented with different GIVI accessories.

The Italian brand, with 45 years of experience designing saddlebags, trunks, bags and different accessories, has presented the new top case V45 Sand, in order to respond to the needs of motorists. Offering us the possibility of increasing the space of our motorcycle, to carry everything we need in our daily life or during any type of getaway we plan.

GIVI V45 Arena in detail

He V45 Sand It has a wide capacity and a maximum load of 10 kilos, which translates into enough space for two full-face helmets. Furthermore, the system Monokey fixation It allows easy installation and removal, and also facilitates the compatibility of the trunk with most motorcycles and scooters on the market.

It also has a pressure locking system with a key, which allows everything stored to be safe. Finally, GIVI guarantees a high degree of water resistance for its suitcases, because they are tested with a special machine that simulates rain with a flow rate greater than 20 L/min, essential to be used every day and in any circumstance. .

GIVI V45 Arena top-case: High capacity and versatility at a very reasonable price

One of the great advantages of the V45 Sand is the possibility of complementing it with different optional accessories from the GIVI range, increasing the functionality, comfort and possibilities of this new top case. These are:

  • E95S Backup
  • T502B inner bag
  • Universal package carrier S150
  • T11N elastic net
  • E206 folding trolley.

GIVI V45 Arena top-case: High capacity and versatility at a very reasonable price

The trunk V45 Sand from GIVI is also available in the Tech version, with smoked reflectors. Both can be purchased at a price of 239 euros. More information and details on the brand's official website or at any of the authorized distributors with which the transalpine firm collaborates in our country.

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