BMW Vision Neue Klasse X: a look at the brand’s upcoming SUVs

BMW’s commitment to electric vehicles is evident. If we add to that that SUVs are the protagonists of its large family, we can already get the idea of what will your cars be like? in the medium term. They have presented a prototype that wants to show precisely what their work flow will be for the future. Is called BMW Vision Neue Klasse X and many already dare to say that it is a preview of the next generation of the electric BMW X3, a successor to the current iX3 with a large number of new features.

What is clear is that the German brand will use this new platform in an electric SUV which will begin production at the Debrecen plant (Hungary). We already knew that the Neue Klasse is the basis on which the BMWs of the future will be based, regardless of their body type, but now we have learned more details about this compact-sized SUV thanks to the new prototype. The design remains controversial and the culprit is double kidney grill. It maintains the vertical layout with two openings and that three-dimensional contour, always accentuated by lighting.

The headlights are also a novelty of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse what’s wrong with it. No data is given about its measurements, but you can see a long wheelbase, short overhangs and the brand’s classic proportions. They also pay attention to the glass surfaces, to illuminate the interior.

In fact, the cabin is one of the points that presents the greatest evolution due to the new system BMW Panoramic Vision. It is the one that projects key information across the entire width of the windshield and also helps with a 3D Head-Up Display, in addition to voice control from the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. The central screen is integrated so that both the pilot and passenger can operate it and now the HypersonX Wheela digital feature to control sound that contributes to the immersive and holistic user experience.

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse electric propulsion system, which corresponds to the sixth generation of BMW eDrive technology. There is no concrete data, but talk about new cells for the lithium ion battery that have a 20% higher energy density due to its round shape, leaving current binoculars behind. It also has an 800-volt system, so charging will be 30% faster and can add up to 300 kilometers of autonomy with a 10-minute charge.

We saw that the total efficiency of the vehicle improves by up to 25% also thanks to the reduction in aerodynamic resistance, while the behavior also evolves. They promise a new type of traction and chassis control that releases software to be more precise than ever. In any case, we are still in the theoretical part and we will have to wait for practice to find out more details and see what else this Vision Neue Klasse X proposes.

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