LS2 pre-installed intercom for secure and easy communication

Last September, the LS2 motorcycle case and equipment brand launched, in collaboration with Cardo Systemsthe LS2 Intercom 4X, an advanced communication system designed for its helmets.

This allows up to four people They can stay connected through a stable communication channel. Now the brand announces that they can now be purchased up to five of its models with this intercom pre-installed.

LS2 Intercom 4X in detail

This device allows you to talk to your fellow travelers in a completely safe way and without the need to stop or signal, in addition to offering mobile connectivity. In this way, the user can receive calls and listen to the instructions of their navigation system in complete safety.

It is a system that, thanks to its open Bluetooth intercom (OBI) and its automatic reconnection Bluetooth, allows up to four users to connect. With a range of 1.2 kilometers, This device gives the rider confidence that the communication channel will be maintained despite the distance between the interlocutors.

Intercom 4X: LS2's pre-installed intercom for secure and easy communication

He LS2 Intercom 4X allows great hearing at all times, thanks to the JBL sound that it has, and it has natural voice operation. In addition, the motorcyclist will not have to worry about adverse weather conditions, since the device is completely waterproof. Its official price starts from 279 euros.

LS2 models available with Intercom 4X pre-installed

LS2 Advant X Carbon

It is a convertible model made of 100% carbon fiberfor extra security, including the 180º foldable chin guard, has P/J approval and complies with regulations ECE 22.06.

Intercom 4X: LS2's pre-installed intercom for secure and easy communication

He Advant X Carbon can be purchased with LS2 Intercom 4X pre-installed from size XS to 3XL At a price of 669 euros. On the other hand, they are also available with the pre-installed intercom. Advant Xwith HPFC shell, at a price of 599 euros, and the Advantwith a KPA shell, with a price of 499 eurosboth from the size XS to 3XL.

LS2 Vector II

This full face helmet is developed for both city and road use. It has the ECE 22.06 approval and is entirely manufactured in HPFC, thus guaranteeing user protection at all times. He Vector II can also be purchased with the LS2 Intercom 4X pre-installed, in sizes from 2XS to 4XL for a price of 459 euros.

Intercom 4X: LS2's pre-installed intercom for secure and easy communication

LS2 Infinity II

It is a jet helmet, ideal for city trips with the maximum possible safety, confirmed by the ECE 22.0 approval6. Like the previous helmets, it stands out for its comfort, and the material it is made of is also HPFC, which allows it to maintain a high level of protection.

He Infinity II is available, with LS2 Intercom 4X pre-installed, from size XS to 3XLwith a price of 389 euros. For more detailed information you can visit the official LS2 website or visit any of the authorized distributors with which the brand works in our country.

Intercom 4X: LS2's pre-installed intercom for secure and easy communication

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