The advertising campaign that was intended to be “cool” and is savage

The controversy undoubtedly shakes up this advertising campaign that JD Sports has launched in the United Kingdom, and which aims to promote sports shoes. In a video uploaded just a few days ago, you can see how different specialists perform stunts with motorcycles and quads.

To that point, there is nothing new about using motorcycles and quads to promote products. It has been done, it is done and it will be done, it is part of the game. The problem comes when the images are analyzed.

Looking for a rebellious aesthetic, they opted for the hackneyed use of dirt bikes and quads in the gang style that already causes so many problems in the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries. In fact, this has caused quite a stir because in the video you can even see how they circulate through the streets and although it is part of an advertising campaign, in a way they encourage and approve this type of actions as something aspirational.

Advertising with aspirational tint and lack of protection

And to finish raising blisters in the United Kingdom, it turns out that this advertising campaign, which is still on the networks, is to promote the clothing and shoes worn by the specialists who drive the motorcycles.

That is, in complete disregard for the user’s safety, tracksuits and sports shoes are chosen for riding a motorcycle. And although they wear a helmet and gloves, the safety of their feet and the rest of the body is more than evident.

But not only that, we are no longer talking about a lack of protection on a daily basis, as we can see in some movies or series, but also in scenes that carry an obvious physical risk. We have already reviewed on many occasions what happens in each part of our body if we ride a motorcycle and, therefore, the fact that a company encourages the use of sneakers and tracksuits is what has ended up spreading on the other side of the Canal de la Stain.

At the moment the campaign is still running to promote the sneakers that they sell exclusively. Maybe it was not the most successful way to promote themselves, or maybe that way of showing themselves against the system, being part of it and trying to sell shoes to those who are really against the system works… The human mind is complex .

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