Borsalino is a benchmark in hats. Now they have collaborated with Nolan to make a very special helmet

Nolan has established a collaboration with Borsalinothe prestigious company from Alessandria and known for its elegant felt hats, to create together over the next three years two special editions of one of the most notable products of the helmet brand, the N21 jet helmet.

Borsalino It currently produces, in addition to its traditional hats, caps, berets, scarves and foulards. So, Italy is known for its expertise in clothing as well as motorcycling equipment, and it is not unusual to see collaborations between Italian brands, especially when they are looking to expand into new markets. How is the case.

This is the Borsalino Nolan N21

The objective of the project is to launch a motorcycle helmet under the brand Borsalino. The design teams of both brands have worked together, and very hard, to launch a helmet on the market this summer. Nolan you have selected your jet model N21, equipped with a protective screen, as the basis for this project. This helmet is a bestseller, with more than 330,000 units sold in all its versions since its launch.

The design team of Borsalino has created its own finishes, available in Metal White and Flat Black colors. The helmet boxes and covers will also carry the historic logos of Nolan and Borsalino. Although prices have not yet been announced, it is known that these helmets will only be available in stores and on the website. Borsalinoas well as in the specialized channels of Nolan.

Borsalino Nolan N21

Enrico PellegrinoCEO and CEO of Nolan Group, just stated: “We decided to collaborate with Borsalino because our companies share great values ​​such as love for Italy, attention to detail, the search for quality and comfort and, finally, an inimitable style. Finally, this partnership demonstrates the renewed strategy of the Nolan brand, which is increasingly approaching the world of lifestyle and a demanding clientele that aspires to exclusivity and the pleasure of wearing a unique piece, even on a motorcycle.”.

Mauro Bagliettogeneral director of Borsalinohas declared: “Borsalino's DNA is historically linked to the world of travel. This collaboration represents an important growth opportunity for our brand, which naturally and logically allows us to expand our range of products, getting closer and closer to the world of lifestyle with a complement consistent with the brand's identity and that will open up the doors to a new clientele”.

Borsalino Nolan N21

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