Can you overtake several cars at the same time? This is what the law says

The overtaking They are our daily bread for a driver. However, it is not the same when they happen on a multi-lane road than on one with one lane in each direction. Nor is overtaking only one vehicle the same as overtaking several in the same maneuver. There are still many who wonder if it is possible overtake several cars at the same time by law or if it is an action that could result in a fine. Although there is nothing explicit in the traffic regulations, we are going to make some guesses.

Some time ago the DGT brought this issue to the fore and clarified the issue of multiple overtaking a little more. The first thing would be to define this type of action as overtaking in which more than one vehicle is passed. in the same maneuver. Once this is clear, we must cite article 84.1 of the General Traffic Regulations, which says the following:

“No driver should overtake several vehicles if he or she is not completely sure that, when another vehicle comes in the opposite direction, he or she can deviate to the right side without causing damage or putting any of the vehicles overtaken in danger.”

Although it is not clarified about overtaking several cars at the same time, it seems that we are already heading towards the answer to this question. In fact, they finally clarified it in a multiple choice question launched by Twitter (currently X) in which they asked the question literally. When they resolved the issue, they pointed out that the following was correct. You can overtake several vehicles at the same time on a road with one lane in each direction “only If you can turn right safely in case you find vehicles in front.

Therefore the DGT, once again, appeal to common sense of the driver and the conditions of the maneuver. The important thing would be to follow the guidelines of any other overtaking and take the necessary precautions. The important is evaluate the situation, maintain a safe distance, signal the maneuver and complete the overtaking as soon as possible. You should never do it when there are signs prohibiting it and be careful not to exceed the maximum speed indicated for the road.

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