Bridgestone inaugurates a new logistics center in Burgos with the capacity to store more than 800,000 tires

Bridgestone EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) today presented its new intelligent logistics facility for tire storage in Burgos, becoming one of the brand’s most important logistics centers in Europe.

With an area of ​​more than 44,500 m²the center allows the company to store more than 800,000 tires In one single place. Fruit of an investment of more than 40 million eurosthis logistics center has already created more than 50 jobs direct and is expected to generate positive reinforcement in the use of Burgos.

A new Bridgestone logistics and storage concept in Burgos

With 10 meters of storage height, 24 loading docks and 31 spaces for waiting trucksthe new logistics center is at the forefront of logistics management, thanks to the incorporation of the latest technologies available in the sector and the innovation projects developed by the brand exclusively for this operation.

Thanks to these new facilities, Bridgestone will significantly increase its export capacity and reinforce the sales and distribution capabilities of Burgos production at a national and international level. With this new center, Bridgestone is committed to combining innovation, quality and a positive environmental impact.

The building has received the rating “Very Good” by the sustainable construction certifier, Bream, proving very high environmental standards in its creation. The center has been developed in collaboration with Panattonileading logistics-industrial promoter in Europe, using a selection of sustainable and high-quality materials.

Sustainability is also a key aspect in the center’s daily life, thanks to the different smart sensors that guarantee efficiency in transportation and responsible consumption. In addition, it has a rooftop installation of photovoltaic panels that can generate up to 100 KWp of electrical energy for self-consumption, contributing to the energy efficiency of the building.

Bridgestone inaugurates a new logistics center in Burgos

Jerome Bouletvice president of Supply Chain EMEA at Bridgestone, commented on the opening of the company’s new logistics center: “This investment fits into our strategic vision of promoting greener and smarter operations, where automation plays a fundamental role to be more efficient and sustainable.”

Concludes: “This building is driving a stronger, integrated supply chain in Europe, contributing to our customers’ commitment to offering them superior quality. “We are proud to open this state-of-the-art facility that showcases our innovation and leadership in the tire industry.”

In addition to the commitment to the latest technology and pioneering solutions for the intelligent operation of loading and unloading, electronic systems are added to manage data in real time, which gives this logistics center the strictest standards of safety and prevention of accidents. fires (level 9) and incidents at national and European level.

Bridgestone inaugurates a new logistics center in Burgos

Furthermore, the infrastructure of this logistics center enables future development of Bridgestone’s first High-Bay in Europe, which is an automated, self-supporting vertical space that allows for the highest storage standards. The inauguration of these facilities was attended by the president of the Government of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañuecoand the mayor of Burgos, Cristina Ayala.

Fernández Mañueco has highlighted the commitment of this multinational to Burgos and has reiterated the involvement of the regional government with the company by supporting the successive strategic R&D plans, some in execution and declared of special interest.

Likewise, it has highlighted the commitment to economic growth and job creation by facilitating the installation of leading companies in innovation in the Community, giving them stability, with industrial land in very competitive conditions, and supporting highly trained and talented professionals.

Bridgestone inaugurates a new logistics center in Burgos

With this objective, in the community’s general budget project for 2024, the regional government contemplates 135 million euros for support for companies and 89 for investments in industrial estates and business facilities.

The mayor has also referred to Bridgestone’s recent investment plan in Burgos, highlighting the company’s commitment to the city beyond 2030. At the same time, she has also pointed out that the town will know how to thank and support the company in the projects that undertakes in this territory.

The commitment to the Burgos plant remains firm

Bridgestone maintains its commitment to promoting the development and sustainability of the Burgos plant, where it has recently announced a investments of up to 207 million euros until 2030promoting automation, vulcanization and logistical flexibility.

Bridgestone inaugurates a new logistics center in Burgos

With this investment, the factory is expected to undergo a progressive evolution towards the majority manufacturing of premium large diameter High Rim Diameter (HDR) tires (18″ and larger), and productivity in this segment increases more than 20%.

This new center will play a fundamental role in the transformation of the Burgos facilities, by increasing the stock capacity of the more than 11 million tires that are manufactured annually at the plant, both for passenger vehicles and original equipment.

Bridgestone inaugurates a new logistics center in Burgos

José Enrique GonzálezVP of Southern Europe for Bridgestone EMEA, has also praised the company’s new logistics center: “This logistics center represents a vision of our future as a company in Europe and the rest of the world, demonstrating our strong ambition to combine technology with human talent.”

And continues: “Together with the previously announced investment of up to €207 million by 2030 at the Burgos plant, the new warehouse is strong proof of Bridgestone’s E8 commitment, which combines a positive impact on our environment while ensuring a boost to our business and the region.”

Bridgestone inaugurates a new logistics center in Burgos

Concludes: “At Bridgestone, we are excited about these next steps, which mark a new era in growth and sustainability.” Both Bridgestone’s investment plan and these new logistics facilities reaffirm the company’s E8 Commitment.

This is made up of eight values ​​that begin with the letter E (Energy, Ecology, Efficiency, Extension, Economy, Emotion, Ergonomics and Empowerment) that guide the company towards achieving a truly sustainable business.

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