This workshop has created its own BMW M 1300 GS. The maxitrail goes wild with a dose of carbon

Not too long ago the new BMW R 1300GS. But, in a panorama in which customization projects abound, the R 1300GS that we show you on this occasion shines in a special way. Especially because it seems to make true that rumor that makes us think that, in a short time, a BMW M 1300 GS will appear.

It’s normal, maxitrails are rarely chosen as the basis for such extravagant and sporty projects. But the G.S. of Ssm Motorrad of Nice seems to defy this pre-established norm.

Although it is not the first customization project that we bring you, and, in fact, just recently we showed you the spectacular BMW R 1300 GS by VTR Customs that combined several concepts in a single motorcycle. Now, from France, the boys from Ssm Motorrad They have far exceeded the most arrogant expectations regarding the customization of the reference maxitrail in our country.

Snap BMW R 1300GS gala exceeds all expectations, showing an even more sporty and extravagant version than the series model of bmw.

BMW R 1300 GS Ssm Motorrad

This is the BMW R 1300 GS by Ssm Motorrad

Beyond the eye-catching full exhaust of Akrapovic that extends beyond the passenger seat, this BMW R 1300GS It has other elements that make it extremely aggressive. From its matte black finish with M details, the M stickers on the wheels and, of course, the multiple carbon details that adorn the body. As, for example, in the braking system.

Here, hype is the key word. Although aesthetics is a highly personal concept, it is undeniable that this G.S. manages to capture attention. It’s a beauty. You look at it, wherever you look at it.

BMW R 1300 GS Ssm Motorrad

The project of Ssm Motorrad from Nice has gained a lot of popularity on social networks. In fact, his most notable “reel” on this bmw It reached more than a million views, nearly 50,000 likes and a large number of comments.

But, while some like it, many others criticize it. What side are you on?

BMW R 1300 GS Ssm Motorrad

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