the Ducati Desmo450 debuts with victory in motocross

Ducati and its Desmo450 have arrived with all the intentions in the world to give motocross a goal. Until now it was a suspicion seeing the interest that the Italian brand had in the project, but now that they have competed in the first race of the Italian Championship it can be said that they are determined to prevail over the “sacred cows” of the premier category of the MX.

Last weekend the first race of the Italian Motocross Championship was held, a date that was marked in red and never better said for Ducati members. It marked the debut in competition and, therefore, in real fire of the Desmo450, a motorcycle that until then we had only been able to see riding alone.

The Desmo450 debuted in style

And when it came time to take on the rivals, the Desmo450 and its driver, Alessandro Lupino, did not disappoint. Already in the official training sessions of the opening event of the Italian Motocross Championship, which was held in Mantova, they were a harbinger of what was to come as the debutant pair achieved pole position.

Then, in the first race Lupino and the Ducati Desmo450 showed all their potential and pace, achieving victory in the first race. Everyone was looking out for them and Lupino knew how to withstand the pressure to make history by winning the bike’s debut, and also doing so with consistency.

Unfortunately, in the second race, a crash left him out of the fight for victory, although Lupino restarted taking the opportunity to continue collecting data that would allow the bike to evolve. That is the bottom line, this is only the first stone of the castle they intend to build.

The Spanish firm Galfer is also part of the project

The care and effort that both Ducati and the brands involved in the process have put into the process is top-notch and has led to the development of specific parts. An example is the Disc Wave from the Spanish firm Galfer, which, like other big brands, is doing its part to grow the project.

At this moment we are, without a doubt, at an important point in the history of motocross and, who knows, perhaps also at the beginning of a change of cycle. Throughout history the brands have alternated their domains and this time it is the property of KTM and its brands, but just 10 years ago MotoGP was also the private preserve of the Japanese and is now “owned” by Ducati.

Happy drivers

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