Brixton's Storr 500 almost ready for its official launch. Will arrive soon

The Brixton Storr 500 is back in the news after the latest information published by our colleagues at Cycle World. They ensure that the brand would be finalizing details to proceed with the official launch of the model, although it is still not very clear when it will reach official European and North American dealers.

Reviewing a little the events, since it was officially presented last EICMA 2022, the project of the Storr 500 He has stayed quite away from the spotlight of the press and the brand's followers. At least until now.

As we already told you in November 2022, the Storr 500 had just been presented at the famous Milan Show, where it left a good taste in the mouths of visitors who at some point stopped by the busy Brixton stand.

For its name, the brand uses the rock formation that is located on the Scottish island of Skye and, in turn, tries to convey with it a spirit of adventure unmatched by any of its previous models. Furthermore, the Austrian firm is based on a very well-established foundation that is in line with the current boom in the trail-adventure segment.

Brixton's Storr 500 almost ready for its official launch

As we already detailed in that first article, the Storr 500 It was the first model that Brixton had developed in collaboration with the R!de design studio. Equipped with the engine used in the Brixton Crossfire 500, it is adapted to the requirements imposed by the regulations of the current A2 license.

Brixton Storr 500 today

Last August was the last time we heard from Brixton's new model. Then we let you know how Brixton had definitively patented the Storr 500. Different images of the future model were leaked in some international media, giving us an idea of ​​what we could finally expect.

Brixton's Storr 500 almost ready for its official launch

Now, with the month of April having just begun, once again it is the American media that echoes the new news that continues to arrive about the final phase of the Storr 500. On this occasion it is stated that the brand has requested registration model approval in the USA.

Now we just have to wait and see when it will be the moment chosen by Brixton to announce its official launch in Yankee lands, but above all when we will be able to enjoy the model in Europe, something that for now remains unknown.

30We have to continue waiting, although everything seems to be “ready to go” for the Storr to disembark on the old continent.

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