Is the motorcycle the solution for mobility in cities? This is what experts and users think

There is no doubt that motorcycles are great allies in mobility in cities. At least from the point of view of the motorcycle user, the advantages are very evident, since a lot of time is saved on the most difficult trips and you can park practically at the door of your destination.

In fact, this is something that is noticeable in European sales and the ANESDOR data is clear in that sense, since in the first nine months of 2023 875,680 units have been registered and that represents an increase of 11.8% compared to 2022. Now, is it really a solution for mobility in cities?

To try to answer the question, the Mapfre Moto Club surveyed its members to find out their opinion in detail, but also interviewed five experts in the world of motors, education, security and infrastructure in search of their opinion on whether the motorcycle can or It cannot be a solution for urban mobility.

Is or is the motorcycle not a sustainable option for urban mobility?

According to those surveyed, there is no doubt, since 97% consider that mobility is improved. Of that overwhelming majority, 67% give reasons such as sustainability as it pollutes less than other means of transport, lower fuel consumption and the smaller space that a motorcycle occupies in urban space compared to, for example, a car.

Likewise, those surveyed feel what is a clamor in the motorcycle world and it is the feeling that motorcycle users are not treated correctly in the cities, their use is not encouraged. Despite this, 71% of users would recommend its use if there were more incentives, emphasizing the security of both the infrastructure and user training.

According to experts it is a help, but there are more options to combine

As for the experts, the opinion is the same: the motorcycle would be a plausible solution to improve sustainable mobility. Of course, they added that it is not the only one despite recognizing that it offers many possibilities for improvement to increase its use in cities, improving sustainability and urban mobility.

In this way, and with the coincidence in opinions and feelings of users regarding urban mobility, the only thing left to do is to demand that public administrations facilitate or, at least, not make difficult the use of motorcycles in cities.

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