Do you know the difference between an ABS brake or a CBS brake on a motorcycle?

Since the Euro4 homologation regulations came into force, it was established that all motorcycles on the market had to have a system that helped prevent the wheels from locking during braking. To this end, it was required that all new motorcycles of 125 or more subject to that regulation and subsequent ones must equip ABS brakes, while those less than 125 at least had to equip the CBS brake, although they could always equip ABS.

As AMV Seguros recalls, studies indicate that if all motorcycles had ABS brakes, deaths from traffic accidents would be reduced by 20% while CBS would reduce them by 10%. Furthermore, driving at 100 kilometers per hour, an ABS system reduces braking distance by 25%.

What does ABS brake or CBS brake mean?

Well, both are acronyms. In the case of the ABS brake it corresponds to the acronym Anti-lock Braking System, while in the CBS brake the acronym is Combined Braking System. Even if you don't know English, you will have seen that ABS is a system that prevents the braking system from blocking and CBS applies combined braking.

Which is better ABS brake or CBS brake?

Once we have seen in a very summary way what each braking system is, the question arises as to which one is more effective. And here there is no doubt, the braking system with ABS is much safer, better and more effective than CBS, since the system will work to achieve maximum grip of our front tire when braking regardless of the state of the road. In addition, the most advanced ABS systems even act in curves to prevent braking from taking us off the road.

In this way and as all studies reflect, with ABS braking is shorter, more homogeneous and safer, which prevents accidents. For its part, the CBS can be a much more economical alternative for users of small displacement motorcycles, although it will not prevent blocking because it is not a system designed for this and, therefore, the risk of an accident due to losing grip. front wheel is larger.

Motorcycles without ABS are less safe in the event of emergency braking or in conditions of poor grip.

Which of the two systems is more expensive?

As with security, this answer is also simple. ABS is more expensive than CBS and we are going to tell you why. The ABS brake actually has sensors that send information about the rotation of the wheel to a control unit (ABS module), which decides whether or not to continue applying force to the brake through the valves. Thus, if the wheel locks, even if we are applying the brake, it will stop braking for a few moments so that the wheel regains grip and can brake again with everything.

For its part, the simplicity of the CBS brake system makes it much more affordable. Here there are no electrical modules or electronic components, but it is all due to the configuration of the hydraulic system that distributes the braking force to each axle in the factory predefined way. This is how greater braking effectiveness is achieved and the fact that the wheel can lock is also complicated, since it is not an anti-lock system as such.

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