Can-Am continues working on its electric motorcycles. This is the latest patent, and it shows interesting things

We must go back to last summer of 2023, to be able to take a look at the latest news we had about the two electric models that, Can-Am, intends to launch: Origin and Pulse. Then the brand published the first teaser video of both EV vehicles driving through their favorite terrain. That is, the Origin for the dirt and the Pulse for the asphalt.

These days we hear about Can-Am again thanks to the colleagues at Ride Apart, although this time it is based on a patent registration carried out by the brand itself and which, through the images presented, we can find some new features. that refer to different technological aspects.

Is Can-Am planning a new electric model?

This question is also on our minds, since, to detail these technological evolutions, the brand has used the silhouette of a frame that we did not know until now. Although we are looking at what looks like a classic Offroad, this one has a field tire on the front axle and an asphalt tire on the rear rim.

Beyond the final approach that the new electric model could have Can-Am There are some detailed aspects, in the correlation of images presented, that refer to a specific cooling system for the battery and electric motor of this or any other present or future motorcycle of the brand.

Can-Am registers new patents on a hitherto unknown electric Offroad model

The idea is to place cooling lines between the chassis itself and the engine interconnected with hoses that improve reliability and, in turn, allow us better cooling in small spaces. In addition, it is supported by different external elements that amplify the system's own functionality. We are talking about auxiliary pumps and radiators that together offer better overall performance.

Returning to the silhouette that defines the electric motorcycle that Can-Am uses to integrate this new patent, it would equip a three-phase motor and traction system similar to that used by the new Origin and Pulse. It would be combined with new refrigeration equipment which in turn could be integrated in a modular way.

Can-Am registers new patents on a hitherto unknown electric Offroad model

That is, depending on the level of cooling needed, Can-Am would include more or fewer elements to the system itself. A kind of scalable modular platform that would offer a specific level of performance in each model or the demands that it poses, of course available for new mounts from the brand, even in three-wheeled EVs.

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