Castrol renews its range of POWER1 lubricants with a new 3-in-1 formula

Castrol has updated its main range of motorcycle and scooter lubricants POWER1 with a 3 in 1 formulationin addition to including new distinctive labels and packaging with the aim of being able to satisfy the current needs that arise both at the level of consumers and of course at workshops.

The renewed range of lubricants POWER1 It is characterized by its wide coverage of use for different models of motorcycles and scooters. The new formulation has been designed for optimal performance in three main areas: power and acceleration, protection and a smooth ride.

New POWER1 formulation: Development and testing

During the development of the product, in the comparative acceleration testing phase, the motorcycles that used Castrol POWER1 They traveled eight meters further than others who used a generic lubricant for motorcycles and scooters.

Additionally, Castrol POWER1 demonstrated un 50% more protection against wear compared to industry limits, and smooth acceleration, without slipping or jerking.

On the other hand, the packaging of the Castrol POWER1 range is now also representative of the new Castrol brand identity launched in 2023. It also includes labeling designed for customers, in order to help them easily locate the right product for their needs. motorcycle or scooter.

The packaging of the small pack product range has also been improved to reduce the use of plastic. The new five liter can uses 20% less plastic compared to the previous packaging with the same volume, one of the best-selling products in the Castrol range.

Castrol renews its range of POWER1 lubricants with a new 3-in-1 formula

These measures are expected to help reduce 1,000 tons the amount of plastic used in Europe annually, compared to the small bottles used until now; This figure is cumulative across the entire range of packaging.

These new packaging were introduced in 2019 in several of Castrol's most important international markets, such as China and India, contributing to a reduction of 4,000 tons of plastic compared to previous small bottle packaging designs.

The use of these newly designed containers is part of the Castrol PATH360 sustainability strategywhich aims to reduce waste and carbon emissions, as well as improve living conditions.

Castrol renews its range of POWER1 lubricants with a new 3-in-1 formula

In addition, Castrol has the trust of MotoGP teams Aprilia and LCR Honda, which demonstrates its efficiency inside and outside the world of competition. For more information on the new range of products Castrol POWER1 You can access the official website of the brand.

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