Cristian Sosa adds a “metallic touch” to this Ryvid Anthem

The Ryvid Anthem, the lightweight and versatile Californian electric, has become the ideal canvas for Cristian Sosa of Sosa Metalworks, a well-known setup shop operating in the Las Vegas area that specializes in custom metal parts manufacturing. With more than 20 years of experience, Sousa has been working for Counts Kustom, from the Discovery Channel series Counting Cars, for about 12 years.

Now he has put all his ingenuity into this elaborate preparation, giving a “metallic touch” to the personal aesthetics of the Ryvid Anthem. As explained from the official website of the Californian firm “Cristian’s approach to this project was to imagine what a classic machine would look like in the future.”

Anthem a platform with infinite possibilities

The new Ryvid Anthem is a bike that is very easy to customize. Its already retro aesthetic is clearly enhanced by the work carried out by Sousa on the panels that make up its body. Ryvid says that:

“He recognized Anthem’s inherently modern design and knew he had to take a different approach, focusing on the folded steel frame and removable battery as starting points.”

Sousa chose to use aluminum instead of steel, among other things, in order to reduce the final weight of the set. The challenge of working with aluminum, which requires welding on both sides, did not discourage Cristian, known for his mastery of even the most demanding materials.

Apparently the entire transformation process of this Anthem only took three weeks, achieving a truly striking finish thanks to the hand-polished aluminum. Cristian’s experience in hand modeling and the use of the CNC process helped achieve the desired shapes to later adhere them to the sides of the bike.

Cristian Sosa puts a "metallic touch" to this Ryvid Anthem Electric

Sousa has already faced really demanding projects in this regard in the past. You just have to take a look at his social networks to see the talent that this North American specialist possesses, faithfully reflected in the final silhouette of this Ryvid Anthem personalized.

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